Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials


Below is just a selection of the comments we receive from our customers:


Lucas Rita Revival "Having intermittent popping and back firing on my 70’s Ducati (so I)  collected a Lucas Rita replacement board, fitted it as per instructions, not too difficult. Fired up first push of the button and ran cleanly. Just a shame the weather prevents longer trial run. Good service great product thoroughly recommend this item." March 2018


TY175 allumage.  "Cet allumage est top, je l'ai monté sur la Majesty 175 d'un ami, et le résultat est excellent, bien meilleur que tous les autres, avec le dual curve tu as le choix entre deux courbes d'allumage, une plus douce que l'autre, ce qui est un plus dans le gras par exemple, le kit se monte très facilement" March 2018

SR500 CDi unit: Rex's Speed Shop is a real life-saver! My 1978 Yamaha SR500 developed an intermittent spark problem and by using Rex's diagnostic guide I was able to determine it was the CDi module. I ordered a new one from Rex's SS and I'm back on the road with an easy starting SR500 - Many thanks!!" March 2018

TY250 Pro Electronic ignition(RMK-3 Pro): "Marcus has already fitted mine with a new ignition including a adv retard switch. I believe it’s why I done so well last week. It’s a different bike" Feb 2018


Testimonial to the "Dual Power" system! (XT500, RMK-4): "(I) Just wanted to thank Marcus and his team for my TT/XT "Full Power Competition" RMK-4 ignition kit, and Kate for putting up with my email enquiries. 

This kit fits up very easily and comes with easy to read instructions. I had to remove the flywheel twice more after installation to reset the timing with the stator plate, before then finely tuning the timing using a strobe light and the adjuster on the black box. Easy. 

The difference over the old points ignition is immediately noticeable, not just because she's now easier to start! The motor's willingness to rev and the crispy response right through the rev range is certainly noticeable once in the saddle. My bike's power delivery used to taper off in the upper end of the rev range so I hardly ever bothered to go there - but now she keeps pulling cleanly all the way through. Thanks again. " Aug 2017.

XT500 RMK-4 "First test of the kit was 7 grueling laps of the TMCC Vinduro Sprint course (Australia) over the weekend - she performed flawlessly." Aug 2017

New TY175 Clubman-Pro electronic ignition kit "The 175 seems to run very well and the map switch does appear to make a real difference!" UK July 2017


"Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to call me in the US. 1. Thank you for following up on my order. 2. Thank you for letting me know there was a problem with my e mail. The problem was resolved with my provider, but if you had not taken the time to call me I may have been without service for a lot longer. You now have a loyal customer for life." June 2017

Kawasaki KH400 HT Ignition coils (HTC16) "Fitted 3 of your coils today, a nice experience, to have excellent pattern parts that fit perfectly & work. Well done everyone at Speed Shop." May 2017

Magneto rewind of a 200cc Rabbit Scooter: "Thanks to the capable team at Rexs-Speedshop my 1953 Fuji Heavy Industries Rabbit S48 scooter is once again pounding the streets of Tokyo. With rewound magneto and charging coils, a flick of the flywheel produces a spark at the plug you can HEAR and with an electronic regulator supplied by the Speedshop maintains battery charge even with a 35W halogen headlight fitted. Many thanks to the Speedshop team" March 2017

Suzuki GT500 source coil assembly (SC-2) "Super fast delivery, but even better the parts made my GT500 / TR 500 ´71 spec engine perform super, guess plus 3 to 5 HP in all range and immense  gas response, super start hot and cold and even cruising at low RPM is now possible" Sept 2016 Denmark


Flywheel magneto HT coil rewind &12 volt conversion: "You are amazing!!! Got the scooter to firing-up stage last night (200cc side valve single). A two-fingered flick on the rotor's cooling fins produces a spark you can actually hear! A delicate stroke on the kickstarter produces instant starting. AND it idles at just over 500rpm. Max. charge just over 4 amps. Break even with the 30 watt halogen headlight and LED taillight board is a shade over 1500rpm. All in all beyond my wildest expectations." Japan August 2016

Flywheel magneto HT coil rewind: "Thank you so much for your excellent prompt service, very rarely do I come across a company like yours that has a top level customer service combined with expert advice." August 2016


XT500 12 volt Full Power competition ignition conversion "Another successful conversion! The XT is now a reliable 1 or 2 kickstart runner, and seems to run smoother. The Speedshop conversion was easy to carry out, well worth my hard-earned cash. Certainly the best modification I’ve made." July 2016

CDi unit" Just to say thanks for the cdi unit I bought on ebay, could not send any feedback as item was closed but any further things i buy i will be pleased to give you top ratings!" July 2016


Full Power Competion Electronic Ignition RMK-6 (DT360 Kit) "....good news, we won our race yesterday!  It was a 6-hour endurance race and our DT360 covered over 300 miles on the track" June 2016


MX1 CDi unit - sent to USA inside 3 days "Just wanted to thank you guys for all your help. The CDI unit came yesterday as planned and all looks like it is working great. Thanks again" May 2016

DT400  RMK-1 kit "It starts really good and sounds good idling. I am really happy with the CDI unit as it seems to work very well." April 2016

"Thanks for the great service you provided. I was able to fit the rectifier & head lamp booster in time for the MOT last Saturday (passed no problem)......the lights are much better, I would say not too far off standard  halogen brightness. So much more visible in daytime traffic!" March 2016

"Bike started on second kick and runs perfect!!!!" MX1 CDi unit Feb 2016

Competition winner Dave Hutcheson commenting on Facebook after fitting the  PME Dual Power Competition Magneto. "The ignition system has finally been installed. I have got to say the power and throttle response has improved a lot. Very snappy throttle response. Very happy with power delivery. Thanks again for the competition. If someone is looking at improving the performance of there xt/tt make sure you check REX's speed shop out. cheers David." December 2015

Lister stationary engine magneto rewind. "Thank you Marcus, now have a strong spark" Oct 2015

Honda CB400 CDi unit (CM4) "Hi, I just had to write and thank you for your fantastic and prompt service. I received the CDI for my 1980 CB400N Superdream this morning and all my mid range/high rev problems are cured, the bike now runs like a dream and idles much steadier. Many thanks!" October 2015

TT500 Dual Power Ignition "My bike has a 540cc piston and a flat side carb.....I can't believe how easily it started when I fitted your ignition......When you're stuck in mud its good to know the bike will start easily......The idle was so stable - it just sat thumping away like a stationary engine! It never idled well on points ignition. I will let you know how the bike performs at the next Enduro race in Wales!" Oct 2015

Rex's Rewinds (workshop services): "Many thanks for repairing my RD350 YPVS stator windings, it's now running and is much improved. By the way, my local Bike Shop also recommended you for my repair." Sept 2015

XT500 TT500 "Dual Power" Ignition kit (part number RMK-4). "(I've) had the chance to try the new ignition and it is a huge improvement (over the single source coil kit).  I bought another single coil ignition from you a while back.  Is there the possibility to send it back and have it modified to be a dual coil ignition?" Sept 2015  Rex's says "Yes we can do this!"

Dual Power XT500 TT500 Ignition kit (part number RMK-4). "I am very pleased with your system and have done another race weekend in Germany with no problems. Will report again with details." August 2015

New RMK-4 "Dual Power" Ignition fitted to TT500 / XT500 race bike:  "I have been in the UK racing at Donington Park last weekend. I had fitted the ("Dual Power") ignition and it ran perfectly without any problems all weekend. I will go on the dyno later this week and do some work with fine adjustments. Will let you know asap and give you all the details." August 2015 -  Rex's says "This guy sent us the dyno results, showing a 2HP increase at the rear wheel over his existing internal rotor ignition. The dyno work is shown on the RMK-4 product page'

XT500 12 volt conversion "Fitted one of these kits to 1979 XT500F with points - great kit and fitting no problem!" July 2015

"I just wanted to thank-you for your help and fast service.  I received the CDI unit yesterday, installed it this morning and my SR fired right up just like it has previously for 33 years.  You guys rock!" May 2015

"Hi Kate just put in my new XR5 box (CDi unit) and all I can say is WOW-just like you said, just roll the motor over and it fires! Smoother idle too!" April 2015.

XT500 12 volt conversion kit: "I just decided to buy a 12v conversion kit from Rex's Speed Shop, since my regulator needed replacing, and my 6v system was giving me trouble. 90 bucks and 20 minutes later I have a fully functioning 12v system. Speed Shop's used a battery eliminator since I've already lost enough paint due to battery acid spilling. The kit was easy to install and works just fine.

I would recommend it to anyone who just wants a running motorcycle and no more headaches!" USA Feb 2015

Suzuki source coil assembly: "Amazing! Better than new. Suzuki GT500 starts now on the first kick-strong spark" February 2015

XT500/TT500 MK3 Electronic ignition (part number RMK-2)“If any of you guys are contemplating an ignition kit from Marcus (Rex’s Speed Shop) I would highly recommend his kits, well made and easy to fit. He is also an extremely helpful guy.” January 2015

XT500/TT500 Electronic ignition & 12V conversion (RMK-2): "I recently purchased a 12 volt upgrade and iginition kit from you and would just like to thank-you for a well made and easy fitting piece of kit. My xt500 is now starting and running like a swiss watch. Also thankyou for your help and professional approach over the phone." January 2015 

XT500/TT500 Electronic ignition kit (RMK-2): "Hello Kate, I received package 3 days ago and fitted the unit, bike burst into life. Thank you very much for your wonderful service. Doing up another 500 motor and will order another 12volt (ignition) kit for that one too. Will be in contact for that later. Thank you again." Oct 2014

XT500/TT500 Electronic ignition kit "I have also noticed a tangible improvement in performance. The bike starts more easily and idles smoothly at <1000rpm." Oct 2014

DT400 Pulserless magneto kit: "First Class started on 3rd kick...I`m really chuffed...cheers" Sept 2014

XT500/TT500 electronic ignition kit: "I Can confirm after a long ride with a few stops the starting is super hot or cold. Also I'm running a high compression piston 11-1 with mild fast cam. Any preignition I was getting has totally gone! Im well pleased Marcus, many thanks" Sept 2014

XT500/TT500 electronic ignition kit "Just fitted my kit today and I am super impressed! Starting my bike used to be a ritual, it had to be done in a certain way, don't even look at the throttle, quarter choke when cold , get that exact sweet spot on the kick etc. and when it was hot it was a bastard! With the new kit it just starts no worries at all. The kit was basic to fit and the advance curve is so so much better." Sept 2014

MT350/500 Headlamp booster kit: "Hi Kate i received the MT350 headlight booster today and fitted it. I must say how impressed I am with the quality of the kit and how easy it was to install using the excellent instructions. The transformation of the power of my headlight will make riding at night a less terrifying experience. I had heard wonderful things about your company beforehand and this service only reinforces my views. Well done to all and many thanks." Steve, March 2014

XT500 12 volt conversion kit: "Hi Kate, just to let you know, the package arrived safely already, thanks for being so quick, too cold to install it right now in Revelstoke but I am sure all will be good. Thanks again.......Ron" Feb 2014

XT500 CDi unit: "Wow!  I got it yesterday. 3 days from the UK is great……It works great too. Telling all my buddies about your great product and great service."  USA Feb 2014. Please note 3 days shipping to the USA is a record, 14-to 21 days is normal.

SR500 CDi unit: "Hi Kate! Awesome! My CDI for my SR500 arrived on the weekend after it's arrival in South Africa less than a week after me buying it online. CDI was connected and your CDI starts the bike in half a kick stroke - unreal! The ride is notably obvious with a lot more torque in the bends. Will be giving it a go on the track to see what the bike does. Thanks for awesome service and advice". Jan 2014

CCM604 CDi unit & HT Coil: "Thank you for my bits, the bike really does run better and start better too, so much so i have been raving about your products on our forum." Jan 2014

Posted on  XT500 12 Volt conversion: "Very impressed with the results, even the extra small tail light beams like a red lighthouse. Indicators like car hazards: maybe that's the 12v LED bulbs too. Headlamp intensity increases with revs." October 2013

Posted on "I alone would have at least two bikes that would not have run without your help well done!" Oct 2013

Headlamp booster kit: "Just installed Rex Speed Shop's headlight booster and I have to say I am impressed with the design, quality, instructions and the price. So much better and cheaper than doing it yourself. Credfile://localhost/Applications/Untitled.pagesit where its due 10/10" UK Sept 2013

DT360 Magneto Kit: "I got in touch with Marcus at Rex's Speed Shop who sent me one of his new stator assemblies, I fitted it and I can tell you all it is now running as it should………it is great to smell the two stroke perfume!" Aug 2013

DT360 Mgneto Kit: "Excellent 100% Excellent...!!!!!" July 2013

XT250 12 volt conversion: "Awesome!!!!" July 2013

XT 12 Volt conversion Kit "Gaday Kate! The kits arrived today, how do you get them to move so fast. Do you have friends at the post office? I bring in a lot of stuff from the UK, and the States as well as from local people, your shipments are faster than from 700 Km. away. More power to your arm. First class service as usual. Have a great day"  Australia June 2013.

SR500 HT Coil: "Thank u - spot product fast post!" June 2013

SR400 Generator Overhaul: "Thanks for all of your Help, wise words and the great job on the rewinding of the old 1983 SR400 Rusty Stator. She’s alive......... (At last), could run a small village off that spark, 100% service, 100% Help, 100% use again, keep it up Marcus. Many Thanks again" Oct 2012

Rotax/CCM HT coil "I have recently fitted a Rexspeed shop ignition coil, and I can thoroughly recommend them. Transformed my bike instantly, and I get a much greater/brighter spark than any previous bikes I have run in the past.' Oct 2012


Battery Eliminator Kits

"Product works great on Yamaha RD350 YPVS, Recommended, A*****" ." March 14

"Next day delivery. Spot on. Works like you said it would. Thank you!" July 2013

"As described. Works Great! Thanks" June 2013

Battery Eliminator - works perfect on 1981honda CB 250 RSA, thank you" June 2013

'Fixed to my 1969 bsa A50, unfinished restoration and it works just the same.' Heavy Duty Kit May 2013 

'OMG... Received in Canada 4 days after purchase from UK!!!!! AMAZING...' Feb 2013

"yamaha SR400 cafe racer now even more minimalist. Ace" Nov 2012

"Better than a better thing on a better day!!! Works fine......legends!!" Sept 2012

BE1 Kit "fast delivery puting it on a kawasaki 250 cafe racer" May 2012

BE1 Kit "excellent transaction, for my 1983 Canadian rz 350" May 2012

BE1 Kit (Fitted to track bike) 'A+++++++++++++++++++' May 2012

BE2 Kit 'well packaged, next day delivery, will use again.' May 2012

BE1 Kit 'Fast delivery to the States! (Fitted to) SR 500' May 2012

BE1 Kit "Fitted this to a 1986 Yamaha SRX-6 works great!!! April 2012

BE1 Kit: "Excellent product and service - many thanks" March 2012

BE2 Kit: "Excellent service, many thanks. Highly recommend" March 2012

"Great item, fitted to Lifan 110 monkey bike A+++++++++++++++++++" Feb 2012

'Buy with confidence. Goods as described.Posted promptly.' Feb2102

'Great item, fitted to Lifan 110 monkey bike A+++++++++++++++++++' Feb 2102

BE1Top quality item. Fast, smooth international transaction - Thanks very much! Feb 2012

cheers.....flattrackers forever! Jan 2012


CB400T CDi unit: "Package arrived today and CDI unit works fine, thanks" March 13

"Very neat aftermarket ignition, yes will buy from again" Sept 2012

CB/CM400/450 (CM4) 'Exellent product! my bike now revs out way better!" June 2012

Honda CB400 (CM4) "Good e seller A++++" April 2012

Many thanks for such a quick service. Dec 2011



"Excellent service highly reccomended A1+++++++++++" July 2013

'nice item thanks' Feb 2013

'works verry well' GT250 HT coil Jan 2013

"Gerne jeder Zeit wieder, Top Händler 100 %" Oct 2012

"Fast seller....quality products. Will buy from them again." Oct 2012

"Quick delivery. Easily fitted and works well." Sept 2012

"Fast delivery, well packed, the CDI looks great, thanks! AAAA++++" Sept 2012

"Quick ship, CDI works very well" Sept 2012

"All good - recieved very quickly thanks Rex: March 2012

'Excellent Service Thanks A++++++' Feb 2102

'Fast and Cleaned. A must to do business with you. Merci' Dec 2011

"very fast service. excellent communication. Thank you to kate and rex's perf." Oct 2011

"First class service and item - thanks" Aug 2011

" Excellent , prompt and professional" July 2011

"Good service, exceptionally prompt delivery, thanks!" July 2011

"Awesome CDI ! Plug & Play, Thank you!!" July 2011

"Very fast delivery, would deal with again no problem." UK June 2011

"Good idéa to rebuild CDI unit for Old Timer. Great!" (France) June 2011

"Hi I bought suzuki GT 500 a cdi unit from you a couple of months ago i just wanted to say thanks for a great service the bike now runs great, thanks Kev" UK June 2011



DT360 (DT3) "great CDI unit AAA+" March 2013

DT360 CDi (DT3) 'Well packaged, fast delivery, A++++' Feb 2013

A+ awesome job of getting the item to me on time." Sept 2012

'Purchased for 1980 XT500G, works good, fast shipping to USA.' Mat 2012

'Nice parts, quick delivery, Thanks' Oct 2011 Sent to Australia

'Great product, easy transaction, and fast shipping. Thanks!' Sept 2011

A pleasure to do business with! Thanks!! Jan 2012

Fast Shipping and awesome product! Dec 2011

'Fast shipping to USA, Works Great, AAAAA+++++++++' Oct 2011

"I have now dynoe'd the Saltie at Cafe Racer...your CDI ran flawlessly up to well over 8,000...I am running it with the aftermarket coil I previously mentioned as well. Excellent result! Good piece of kit!" April 2011 Australia

"Works like a charm! Finally got a chance to wire up the bike.  Got spark!  Got it started.......given the temperature and altitude it's already starting easier than our other (stock) SR…..It was truly a pleasure working with you.  And I really appreciate your contributions to the forum ( on this and other subjects."  December 2010 USA

CDi box arrived today and it was OK and it did make a nice spark after installation......It was nice to do business with you and thank you very much!' Finland Oct 2010

"Great CDI unit, got the bike running!" USA Aug 2010

"The CDi we purchased from you came yesterday. Thank you so much for shipping so quickly." USA. July 2010

"I got the CDI unit last Thursday! Great service! "July 2010 SR500 Owner USA.

"I've road tested the CDi I bought from you some months ago. Confirm what forum mates already said: found that starting is a lot improved; throttle response is, too. So far it's very good. 5 stars!" SR500 owner Italy June 2010

"Hi; Just wanted you to know that the CDI box I ordered for my 78 SR500 arrived quickly.  It is installed and I am very pleased with the results.......quicker starting and a noticable  increase in throttle response throughout the range.Thanks." SR 500 owner USA 10 May 2010

"Fitted the CDI to the (SR500) E Model engine and man what a difference. Right from start one could notice the improvement. I thought she was already easy to start, it is now even better. Idling is smoother and less prone to stall. Riding the bike is smoother all through the rev range. In top gear it pulls from low revs so much easier…...…I can not believe what a difference the unit has made. I am very suitably impressed…...….I had a aftermarket CDI and it was OK but did not perform as well as yours. One very happy little chappy" SR500 Rider Australia (purchased 2 units!)

"…….just got back from test ride, about 30 miles on my usual route, this gadget is definitely better on the pick-up from lowdown, can only describe it as a more 'crisper feel' and a bit more free revving. Starting is fine and possibly better than was. Not put the strobe on it but will do at some stage but no pinking evident and knowing the bike inside out I reckon she's running better than ever!”  SR Rider UK

“I pulled my other bike out with the proper (Yamaha) CDi on it and ran it with both the stock and your CDi and couldn't tell any difference except that with your box it started much easier”. SR Rider USA

“Rode the SR in a Classic Club ride today...tested out the new CDI at the same started normally and ran well throughout...all the way through to red-line at one stage…….A first class piece of kit.” SR Rider Australia

"Fast delivery,easy straight hook-up,works fine seems to help in the midrange in early testing.Highly recommend this product if you need a new CDI box.Cost is 1/3 Yamaha's price so excellent value..... even if you don't need one right away." SR Rider Canada

"Praise be to Aero! Fitted mine last week (on a 1981 motor) and it is definitely smoother through the lower range and whilst cruising (which is 99% of my riding commuting through traffic), very nice product, great service and of course, the right price!" SR Rider Australia

'Excellent! Fast delivery and excellent quality product.' USA Oct 2011

"Morning Marcus, just finished a 500 mile plus off road event in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, to say it was wet is an understatement, water crossing 50 yards wide, many full throttle runs, loads of idling, bogs, sand, rain and cold morning starts, etc. The Speed Shop CDI performed without fault whatsoever!" Chris Grimm. May 2011

'te ebscribo para darte las gracias, por que ya instale el cdi y la moto esta trabajando super bien y felicitarte por que haces un exelente producto.' March 2011 Columbia



Rotax HT Coil "Rec'd promptly and as advertised, many thanks" Sept 2014

Rotax HT Coil "Good replacement to original Nippondenso. Easy replacement and does the job." Aug 2014

"Goods accurate and description ok" Oct 2012

'So far so good, the old girl lives again. Thanks very much' Jan 2013

Rotax CDi "Great service,pleasure to deal with,A1+" Sept 2012

Rotax CDi (RTX) “I fitted one about a month and half ago after my original died outside the MOT station just after passing its test. I ordered online that night and received it less than 24 hours later, well impressed! Bike has run faultlessly every day since, there is no noticeable difference between the original (when it was working!) and the Speed Shop one, so I would recommend one to anyone.” Phil April 2012

Item as described, arrived quickly, excellent! Feb 2012

Thanks. Immediate shipment. Looking forward to test the new unit. Dec 2011

'Ware wie beschrieben erhalten' Dec 2011

'Hi, to let you know the cdi unit you sent me has fixed the problem with this ccm 604 rotax engine thanks alot!' October 2011

'A pleasure to deal with' Sept 2011

"The cdi unit I bought from you (end of May) was used on my CCM for the first time in anger at the Eyppnt hillclimb this weekend. I'm pleased to report the bike went well, with all the previous ignition problems now gone - many thanks." received June 2011

Aprillia 600 Tuareg (Rotax 560)  "...... I received the CDi this AM, swapped the existing rubberised plug bodies onto new unit with new bullets supplied, fitted to machine this PM, and fired it up. Have not road tested yet, but I am very glad it is running once again" Nov 2010 UK

'Very fast shipping CDI works perfect on my 560 rotax, many thanks." August 2010

''Very fast shipping to Germany, CDI works perfect, many thanks from Germany!!!!!!'' July 2010

"Hi Marcus, I got the CDI today. I snapped it straight onto my road CCM and took a spin. The bike started great and ran great seems to pull like a train right through the range. I will be gving it another test tomorrow if the weather stays good." June 2010- CCM owner UK

Harley MT350 CDi unit 'Very good service, very quick delivery (2 days) thanks guys' March 2011

"Splendid item, good installation description, recommended" Dutch owner Oct 2010

"works a treat!" UK Rider Oct 2010


"Fantastic company to deal with!" March 13


XT500 12 volt conversion: 'perfect and fast shipping!' Feb 2013

Vintage style braided HT lead: "Great seller. Would recommend to anyone. Cheers mate!" Dec 2012

GT250 HT coil: 'Works very well!" Dec 2012

Vintage style braided HT lead: "Just what it says great to deal with use again no problem" Nov 2012

Vintage style braided HT lead "really fast delivery and quality item thanks" Sept 2012

High performance HT lead "First class delivery service and great quality product. Highly recommended A****" Sept 2012

"Just as expected, thanks! Also everyone loves a free sticker! A++" June 2012

"Smooth transaction,top ebay shop,highly recommended" June 2012

"Another smooth transaction from rex.highly recommendedA+++++++++++" June 2012

"Rex’s Speed Shop have a complete testing guide posted on here (SR500 Forum & our website site….Rex) which gives all the resistances that should be between the terminals etc.

This is a brilliant guide, is simple to understand and all you need is a basic multi-meter to complete the check. I’ve had problems with a couple of engines with this - especially if they have been sitting around a while. If you are not happy doing this yourself Rex will check it out and your CDI for a very reasonable cost (plus your postage cost !!!!!!!!!!!!!).  "12 Bore" SR 500 Forum April 2012

 "Well what can I say, The man worked wonders on my very sad looking stator plate i sent him, the service was excellent and he turned it around in a couple of weeks from door to door! Fitted it and the Rexs Speed Shop CDI and first kick it fired into life! Excellent service from a genuine person willing to help people out! Thanks again Rex" UK June 2011


Wiring Loom design (SR stripped to the bone loom) "After months of frustration i have got my bike to where I can register it. All the lights work properly as well as the horn........thanks a million. I can now move on to my next project!' Oct 2010

Wiring loom design (Simple SR 500with indicators) ''Thanks..... This is a real clean setup, I really like the simplicity while keeping most all of the functionality! Oct 2010 USA