Off Road Electronics

Off Road Electronics


Welcome to the Off Road Division of Rex's Speed Shop. Our team have been developing a range parts and performance up-grades for off road competition machines that in terms of quality and performance stand apart from the crowd. Our "Dual Power" ignitions systems are unique to us and feature a high and low speed source coil in the generator to give more power than any other self generating electronic ignition system. Our electronics are manufactured in the UK and our ignition kits are by far the easiest to install, in many cases they can be fitted with no timing to set up or adjust. 

All our kits come with tried and tested timing curves as standard, some have two, selected by a handle bar switch. Many 2-stroke kits can have specially built CDi units with non standard timing curves as a bespoke customer optional extra. 


For Yamaha DT models, see our "2-stroke road & competition" bike page. XT500 parts are found on the 4-stroke thumper parts page (XT & DTs were road legal from the factory)


Rexs_tt500_performance_electronic_ignition_wiring_rewinds_tune_up_parts rexs_yamaha_ty125_ty175_ty250_ty_p65_majesty_electronic_ignition_cdi_unit_rewind_kia_trial
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