battery failure due to improper useWhen you modify a vehicle, the person doing the work becomes the designer and is responsible for their creation, the importance of getting this right cannot be stressed enough.

Some of the most common enquiries we receive is “can you recommend a small battery for my one-off” or “I have made a battery box this size now I need a battery to suit.” Unfortunately this is doing things the wrong way round and we have sent many builders back to re-make the battery box in order to accommodate a suitable battery.

In simple terms it soon goes quickly wrong if a battery that is too small is used. While in theory the regulator will control, in practice it can only control within certain limits and if the battery is too small it becomes damaged.

Lithium batteries are the most dangerous and can fail in spectacular fashion, while AGM batteries are far more forgiving they still will not tolerate improper use. The battery in the picture was selected due to its size and not its electrical specification, we were impressed that it hasn’t burst!

Rex’s are a recognised MotoBatt dealer and can advise on suitability for a battery in a certain application. When it comes to pre-conditioned and fully charged for optimum performance, ready to install out of the box, the Motobatt range is very hard to beat on quality and price. Come and talk to us for deals and pricing on Motobatts.

AGM batteries have been used in military and off-road applications for many years. The sealed, glass mat design has many longevity and reliability-based benefits, not only for the military but for motorcyclists too! MotoBatt have improved on conventional, wet flooded battery designs by packing as much lead into their batteries in the smartest way possible. Many low-cost batteries are cheaper for that reason only – they have less lead in them.

Each plate in the battery is wrapped in a fibrous glass matting which not only absorbs all liquid electrolyte but also keeps the plates separated in a cushioned environment. This stops the plates from vibrating which can break down the plate and cause short circuits between the plates or break plate wealds that result in battery failure. This feature is especially important on machines that suffer high vibration levels. Many motorcyclists do not use their machines everyday, so AGM batteries with their lower inherent self-discharge rate are a distinct advantage too.

The thick, heavy plates used in MotoBatt designs do make the difference here. Also, as a higher amp hour AGM battery, the MotoBatt battery can discharge more deeply and recover repeatedly under vehicle alternator charge or through maintenance charging.

A standard flooded cell battery is not capable of withstanding this type of cycling, without premature failure. Additionally, you never have to mess with acid or top up fluid levels, or remove corrosion from the terminals caused by gassing – common with standard flooded battery types.



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