Whether you are looking to fix a failed system or for a performance up-grade for your ignition we have the answer! Our ‘RMK’ ignition stator kits are chosen by customers around the world as they are simple to fit and give fantastic results. Choose from basic ‘Ignition only’ kits aimed at those on tight budgets, ‘Roadster’ kits, so named as they give brighter 12 volts lighting as well as up-graded electronic ignition. For serious competition there is our ‘Dual Power’ system for race use which takes the ignition to another level.

The Roadster range of RMK stator kits have been engineered not only to improve performance and give much brighter 12 volt lighting but they are straight forward to fit and set up. We have taken a lot of time to ensure that there is minimal wiring and most plug in to the standard Yamaha wiring loom with no modification needed. We build our electronic ignition stators in-house at our Robertsbridge facility so we retain control of the process.

We’ve taken away all the guess work from timing and set up on the DT range of Roadster kits, each one is designed to be bolt on with minimal fuss. You won’t even need a timing light to set the timing!

There is a full after sales service and you can obtain the full range of spare parts for our stator kits from Rex’s Webshop.

Competition Kits
Rex’s ‘Dual Power’ ignition features two source windings, stacked one over the other, each winding is optimised for specific RPM ranges. The combined output results in spark energy levels far in excess of competitor’s kits.

The picture demonstrates a competitor’s ‘high power’ ignition (shown left), compared to our ‘Dual Power’ ignition (shown right), both are at the same engine RPM. The difference in spark is clear.

In addition the CDI units feature timing curves developed for off road competition use with timing schedules for the intended use, EG Trials, Enduro, Flat Track etc.

Our competition kits are only for off-road use and are not supplied with lighting or charging coils. They run with no other electrics on the motorcycle and require the use of a timing light to set up as the timing is adjustable.

We have kits for the iconic XT500, IT, MX and YZ models of a similar vintage, see our website or e-mail the sales team for more information