Lithium batteries have different charging requirements to Lead Acid or AGM batteries. The key factor for safe and reliable lithium battery charging is that the output DC voltage and ripple voltage that is always present on the output remain within very tight tolerances. Rex’s now offer a regulator that is designed to be optimal for lithium motorcycle batteries.

Lower voltage is the key

Output Voltage is a key factor for Lithium batteries. The ideal charging voltage for Lithium batteries is 13.9-14.2VDC. Our regulator has a carefully set output voltage of 14.1VDC (+/- 0.1VDC). This stable output voltage carefully keeps a lithium battery within it’s ideal charging range.

The unit has other safety features such as low voltage ripple and a thermal cut out the that will simply switch the unit off if becomes too hot. This feature protects your expensive lithium battery, generator and the regulator itself.

Charging voltage ripple is also a cause for concern, this is the difference between the highest and lowest voltages from the voltage regulator output. By nature shunt type voltage regulators will have a fairly high voltage ripple due to the shunt operating many times per second. Each on/off transition will cause some variation in the output voltage and is unavoidable. Keeping this to minimum is critical for Lithium batteries. In a perfect world ripple on the DC level should be less than 10% of the output voltage, however this is not possible for shunt regulators. Our MOSET Lithium regulator is different and is able to maintain less than 4 Volts of ripple on its output, this compares to verified test results of our competitor’s regulators of 8 volts. Ripple voltage is only seen using an Oscilloscope and cannot be measured by a multimeter.

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