12 Volt charging set for RMK 3 to 13 ignitions

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“Retro fit” 12 volt lighting set for our RMK ignition only systems. Suitable for RMK-3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10,11, 12 & 13 only (not RMK-4). It must be noted that this equipment powers the system with both AC and DC power, it cannot and must not be wired for DC power only, even if a different regular is used. Designed and recommended  for use with standard Yamaha wiring looms.  For experts there is a free wiring schematic that can be used to build a stripped down wiring  loom*

Powers full street lighting with up to a 45 watt headlamp filament headlamp or our own LED headlamp bulb**.

Includes; 12 volt lighting coil, voltage regulator and all the required hardware (including new engine case grommet with extra holes for lighting wires).

  • Intended to give 12 volt power for lights on RMK ignition systems that were supplied with none.
  • Compatible with Yamaha wiring looms and professionally made ‘stripped down’ looms following our schematic*
  • No changes to the ignition system are required
  • Fits identified RMK kits only.
  • One year warranty


*There is no tech support for non Yamaha looms.

**Only our LED bulbs are designed and approved to be used with this system. Un-approved LED bulbs may not work and will invalidate the warranty. Use ONLY the specified LED bulbs.

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