Aprilia RSV1000R | RSV1000R Tuono | AP0685330 | Replacement Stator


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Direct replacement to your original unit. Plug-and-play, direct fit, easy installation for qualified mechanics.

Highest grade copper winding and lamination materials. Connector & grommet included.

Fully tested before shipping. Ex dia 115, Int dia 53, thickness through centre 25.8mm

Important – this unit does not fix the design fault with the system that causes stator failures. A “recall” or a 375 watt flywheel must used to avoid failure of this stator. Warranty is void where a non recall flywheel is used.


RSV 1000 R20041000cc
RSV 1000 R20051000cc
RSV 1000 R20061000cc
RSV 1000 R20071000cc
RSV 1000 R20081000cc
RSV 1000 R Tuono20061000cc
RSV 1000 R Tuono20071000cc
RSV 1000 R Tuono20081000cc
RSV 1000 R Tuono20091000cc

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