Ball Foot Tappet Adjusters SR400/500 XT500 TT500

£29.95 Inc. VAT


Back and improved by popular demand! Using a ball foot valve adjuster reduces side force, reduces pitting on the valve tip and noise from valve gear.

Previously we offered a similar part, which worked well but was somewhat heavy. This new improved part is suitably lightweight but uses hardened parts for extra strength.

Sold as a pair (set of 2) – 8.0 diameter, 1.0mm thread. Overall length 22.0 mm, replaces p/n 583-12159-00


  • Reduces side forces on the valve guides.
  • Larger contact area reduces pitting on valve stem.
  • Low maintenance & extends valve clearance checking intervals.
  • Precision ball is precisely polished with ball cups machined to suit.
  • Simple to fit no modification required to the rocker arms.
  • Bi-lingual instructions (German & English).


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Weight 0.04 kg

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