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Rex’s Full Race ignition. 12 Volt Lighting. Dual Power Stator. Adjustable. More ignition output than any other!

Full Race system unique to Rex’s with our “Dual Power” source coils set that gives up to three times more spark power than other available self generating ignitions. The “Dual Power” stator was developed for stronger ignition in standard, high compression and high revving engines, even at RPMs over the standard red line.

Our focus is always on performance.  We build our electronic ignition modules in-house and tailor them precisely to each model. You will not find generic ‘one size fits all’ universal electronics in Rex’s kits!  Each system comes with a dynamic ignition timing curve tuned specifically for the model it is intended for. Full Race stators also have adjustment slots to allow fine tuning.

Supplied built up with Full Race ignition and 12 volt lighting and electrics that requires standard the bikes standard wiring loom to work. Versions are available without the 12 volt system, see our other ignition kits.

Requires flywheels stamped with part number FOTO2173



DT400 B & C



YZ400A – C 1974-76

•    Highest output self generating ignition available – no other system comes close to the spark power.

•    Adjustable stator AND model specific ignition timing curve gives an unbeatable combination.

•    Fully built up 12 volt billet stator with wiring to match standard wiring loom.

•    New high power HT coil included

Capable of powering twin spark plug heads at full power using a different HT coil, unlike other systems that lack sufficient power to do this.



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