Lighting Coil Set For TY175 RMK-1 ignitions & TY250 OEM Points Stators

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Basic AC lighting coil and voltage regulator kit for Rex’s RMK-1 TY175 electronic ignition kits (all versions Junior, Clubman & Pro).

Also fits TY250 twin shock OEM points ignition stator. Replaces the two standard lighting coils for one simple to wire coil that powers headlamp and tail lamp.

Provides power for basic filament bulb IE  ‘marker lights’ front and rear that run direct from the engine. Will power a 35 watt head lamp and a 5 watt rear bulb only. This is intended to comply with competition rules where front and rear lighting must be present and working. Not intended to be road legal.

Does not need a battery – Not suitable for LED lights

Kit comes complete with:

  • 6V Lighting coil
  • 6V AC regulator
  • 2M of Connecting wire
  • Fitting hardware
  • Terminal kit
  • New 4 hole grommet
  • Wiring instructions

Kits that will safely run LED lighting can be built to order, however these are more complicated as battery or charge condenser must be used along with a DC type regulator.




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