Motobatt Sealed Lithium, AGM & Gel Battery Charger


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Essential for the correct charging of Lithium batteries. Charges all lead/acid batteries as well

Highly featured yet simple to use this 12 volt Lithium & AGM, lead/acid battery charger and maintenance tool gives fast and efficient charging. Leave connected to your motorcycle when not in use to keep your battery in top condition.

Heavy duty, 9 stage,  2.0 amp charging 7 maintenance program that will not over charge. ​

Complete with maintenance charging lead as well as traditional crocodile clips. UK type mains plug.

  • Required to correctly charge Lithium batteries.
  • 9 charging automatic steps, full maintenance features
  • Leave connected all the time, including over Winter
  • Recovers sulphated & deeply discharged lead acid batteries.
  • Comes with “plug in” leads to connect to your bike
  • Spark proof, no sparking when connecting*
  • Bad battery test Indication
  • Overcharge protection

*Important: When charging Lithium batteries the spark and reverse polarity protection do not work. Check connections!

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