Retro Extra High Capacity Motorcycle Battery Eliminator | Charge Condenser

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Extra heavy duty battery eliminator with screw terminals for that retro look. Super tough power supply type of capacitor that will withstand a motorcycle’s charging system much better than standard capacitors. Three times larger capacity than similar looking units.  15,000uF rating for better starting of points ignition bikes (including those converted to electronic). You’ll appreciate the larger capacity when kick starting.

Measures 35mm in diameter & 70mm in length including the terminals.

Suitable replacement or up-grade for the Lucas 2MC capacitor (p/n 54170009 & 99-0737).

This unit does not make any power! All the power is provided by the generator, therefore electric starts do not work and the lights will pulse at idle. This will be the same with any battery eliminator. Eliminators do not make power so you will notice generator pulses at idle only. When you rev the engine lights and power valves will work as they should.




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