Roadster DT250 Mono Shock Electronic Ignition Kit

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The Roadster – Our lowest priced DT250 Mono shock electronic ignition stator kit.

Our Roadster ‘ignition only’ stator is a high quality, yet affordable ignition up-grade for DT250 D&E models 1977 & 78. Our new billet stator with precision location ensures perfect ignition timing, so there is no need to carry out any timing set up. Fit and go! Each system comes with a dynamic ignition timing curve for a noticeable up-grade on points and OEM Cdi systems.

This kit has been designed to run as supplied with no lighting coil fitted. However on models where a single 6 volt light coil was used (most have one lighting coil but market variations do occur), a skilled mechanic can swap out the old lighting coil on to our stator to retain the 6 volt charging system.

This kit is great solution to replace the ageing OEM generators.  Rex has developed this system over many years, refining it to a standard few can match. The modern UK deigned and manufactured ignition brings reliability and up-graded performance compared to the OEM system.

The generator is the heart of your bike’s electrical system and we believe the RMK-6  system is an unbeatable choice in terms of performance, compatibility and reliability. We develop and manufacture our own ignitions here in the UK so we can bring you performance that betters the original Yamaha equipment at an affordable price.

We’ve taken the time to check our parts fit and work correctly with the bike’s electrical system. Our technicians have worked to ensure the only special tool needed is a flywheel extractor.

Requires flywheel stamped F1T350.

Fits: DT250D& E 1977-78 with points ignition.

  • Requires no timing adjustment, no timing light – simply bolt on and go.
  • CDI unit tailored to model to give real boost in performance
  • Swap your 6 volt lighting coil to give 6 volt electrics
  • Simple to fit with clear pictorial fitting guide
  • New billet stator, heavy duty & CNC machined
  • Full technical backup from the system designers via e-mail


We have different kits for 250 bikes with Mono Shocks or Yamaha CDi electronic ignition. These models need a different timing curve to ensure smooth power delivery. If you require adjustable racing ignition for a DT250 see kits  & RMK-7, RMK-11 & RMK-13


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