RXS100 Mega Performance 300 Volt CDi Unit

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Mega performance CDi unit that uses a new source coil to give a massive 300 volts at 9,000 RPM PLUS a dynamic 2-stroke type timing curve as used on the Yamaha TZ racing bikes.

The source coil must be replaced for our high output ‘double stack’ source coil and then the new CDi fitted. Our work shops can modify the generator for a fixed fee if you prefer us to do the work.

Uses the standard pick-up for timing information but the dual source coil gives 300 volts at 9,000 RPM gives a whacking 300 volt punch to the HT coil.

Suitable for standard machines, ported, highly tuned, over bored or even 175cc converted engines, in fact this ignition will work well with any RXS tuned engine!

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