SWM240/350 Trials Electronic Ignition Kit – Clubman

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The ‘Clubman’ is our most popular Trials ignition.

The advantages of fitting our ‘Dual Source’ electronic ignition becomes clear from the moment you experience it. With two coils providing power, the sparks are hotter and more stable than using a single winding on the stator. The results speak for themselves, smooth, predictable power delivery with no peakiness and performance that does not fade.

Our kits are very simple to fit. No timing adjustment needed. No Strobe light required. Just fit, plug in and go. We have taken all the guess work out of the set up.

Clubman kits have a single, modern timing curve for broad predictable power delivery.

  • Highest output self generating ignition available, 25 watts peak – runs without a battery
  • No timing to set up, no strobe light needed – just bolt on & go
  • Ignition thoroughly tested by SWM experts
  • Simple to fit with pictorial picture guide
  • Uses standard HT coil
  • One year warranty

Kit contains “Dual Power” stator, CDi unit with dynamic Trials timing curve, NGK plug cap, fitting hardware & fitting guide.

Our kits assume a standard engine with no extreme modifications.

The RMK-14 comes with trials ignition timing. However the stator will fit the following models, please talk to us before fitting a trials system to an Enduro or MX bike, trials timing curves will be very flat on Enduro engines:

SWM TL320 1978 – 1985
SWM TL240 1981 – 1985
SWM TL350 Jumbo 1983 – 1985
Moto Gori MT325 1981 – 1983
Aprilia TX240 and TX300 1985 -1986
Aprilia TX311 1986 – 1987
Aprilia TX312R 1988
Armstrong/CanAm MK2 240 and 320 1983 – 1985
Armstrong/CanAm 350 Jumbo 1985
Armstrong/CanAm mono 240 and 320 1987-88
CanAm 350 Enduro 1988-89

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