TY175 “Junior” Self Generating Electronic Ignition Stator Kit

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The ‘Junior’ is our newest  TY175 electronic ignition aimed at those with tighter budgets.

Rex’s electronic ignition kits are market leading and we have not reduced our build quality with our “TY175- Junior” kit.

The Junior version of our TY175 ignition uses a simplified self generating ignition with just one source coil on the stator. We can pass on lower manufacturing costs to the customer without reducing the quality of the parts we make. The result is a kit that will bring all the advantages of electronic ignition but without the price tag of competition level equipment.

This kits has a slotted stator, making it adjustable so you can set it to what ignition advance you prefer. Some riders like certain advances, 24, 26, or 28 degrees, our ignition lets you choose. However if you aren’t sure what is best our advice is simple; centralise the stator retaining bolts in the slots, check the motor starts without kick back and that the bike rolls forward smoothly just off throttle. That is all that is needed for most riders. Those who want to use a timing light to set the advance to a specific figure can mark the flywheel and set the timing in the traditional way using a strobe lamp. We leave this up to the rider as a matter of preference.

The “Junior” version has a 2-stroke timing curve that improves the power from the engine and gives better starting.

  • Self generating electronic ignition up-grade.
  • Full colour fitting guide, link above to see what’s involved.
  • No nonsense simplicity .
  • New OEM quality HT coil
  • New NGK plug cap
  • Complete with new engine case grommet
  • One year warranty

For riders looking for a serious competition system that brings a more competitive edge with three the power being produced for sparks, as well as options on switchable timing curves see our “Clubman” and “Pro” versions of this kit.

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