XT500 | TT500 – 12 Volt Electronic Ignition – Roadster

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The 12 volt “Roadster” is one of our our best selling electronic ignition kits. 

Rex’s 12 volt electronic ignition kit is supplied ready to plug in to your XT500’s standard electrical system, no wiring required. The Roadster kit improves starting and performance compared to points ignition – hot or cold. Fits all models with points ignition. Gives bright 12 volt lighting, indicators that work more reliably and bulbs that are easier to source. (Battery, bulbs, 12V horn and indicator relay not included but can be purchased as cost saving  ‘accessory packs’ )

Does not require flywheel to be removed to trim the ignition timing – This is done on the CDi unit

Our kit is synonymous with the XT500 as Rex’s have put years of development in to this system and still work closely with these bikes. We build our own ignition units and generator parts specially for the XT and do not use the low cost ‘scooter’ type that have  a generic CDi unit.

  • Does away with contact breakers and mechanical advance unit.
  • Ready assembled 12 volt generator with electronic ignition.
  • Easier to start hot or cold compared to points ignition.
  • Less maintenance & crisper performance
  • Supplied with brand new HT coil.
  • Lowest priced 12 volt charging & ignition kit

The kit contains; a new back plate with ready mounted source coil, electronic ignition unit, a CDi HT coil & fitting manual.

The TT500 requires a wiring loom of the type shown in our universal DT/XT500 wiring diagram publication before this 12 volt kit can be used. We have ‘ignition only’ options for the TT500 that run with no other electrics on the bike.

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