Rex’s are world renown for their XT500 and TT500 performance up-grades. Our electronic ignition stator kits are chosen by customers as they are simple to fit and give fantastic results. ‘Roadster’ kits are so named as they convert the bike to 12 volts for much brighter lighting as well as up-graded electronic ignition. Rex’s have an on-line XT500 parts store so we can fully support all your XT500 needs.


Rex’s ignition system is unique with timing adjustment on the CDi itself. A timing light is required but we make it easy. The basic stator position is set, once this is achieved fine tuning is done on the CDI adjuster, no need to take the flywheel off repeatedly to make fine adjustments.

The Roadster range of XT500 stator kits have been engineered to give easy starting electronic ignition that removes the mechanical advance. Roadsters have 12 volt lighting which is straight forward to fit. Rex’s specifically design the kit so there wiring is minimal. The ‘RMK2-12V’ kit is plug and play with the standard wiring loom. Our electronic ignition stators and ignition units are built in-house at our Robertsbridge facility. We offer full after sales service for our stator kits.


Dual Power Race Ingition XT500 & TT500


Rex’s ‘RMK4-Comp’ kit is a ‘Dual Power’ system with double banked source windings, the ultimate XT500 & TT500 ignition. The combined output of two source windings results in output energy levels far in excess of all competitor’s kits, the power inceases over the entire rev range. Developed for high revving high compression engines where starting may be an issue and top end performance is needed.


dual power ignition stator kit rex
Left is a competitor’s ignition. Shown on the right is our ‘Dual Power’ Ignition.

















The ‘Dual Power’ ignition (shown right) produces a far larger and hotter spark across the whole RPM range as there are two source coils supplying power for sparks. The result is a much bigger spark than any other similiar kit. Both are shown at the same engine RPM.

Rex’s ‘Dual Power’ system was designed to give massively improved output; from kick starting and all the way to the red line. Race kits are for off-road only, without lighting or charging coils. Does not require battery or other electrical system to be fitted to the bike. Features timing that can be trimmed on the CDi once the stator is set.




Rex’s have a wide range of XT500 and TT500 12 volt up-grades and electronic ignition systems available



RMK Kit # 
RMK2-IGNBudget option – powerful electronic ignition but with no lighting coil supplied
RMK2-12VBest selling – ‘Roadster Kit’ powerful electronic ignition plus 12V plug & play up-grade
RMK2-LEDElectronic ignition plus DC power for LED headlamp, wiring skills required.
RMK2-ACTT500: Regulated AC Yamaha/Kedo TT500 lighting kit. Not road legal in UK or EU.
RMK4-CompDual Power ignition, for give vastly improved spark energy from start to red line.