DT250 Twin Shock Electronic Ignition Kit With 12 Volt Lighting

£294.95 Inc. VAT


DT250 twinshock electronic ignition up-grade with 12 volt lighting. Requires original Yamaha wiring loom for the 12 volt system.

Fits All DT250 twinshock models A-C with points ignition fitted with flywheel stamped FOTO1971

Our electronic ignition kit with 12 volt lighting is supplied ready to plug in to your DT’s standard wiring system with minimum effort. It improves power delivery through the use of a modern, dynamic timing curve and fits all models with points ignition and flywheel marked FOTO1971.

The 12 volt lighting gives brighter lights, indicators that work more reliably and bulbs that are easier to source. Battery, bulbs, 12V horn and indicator relay not included but can be purchased separately as ‘accessory packs’ which offers a saving over buying the parts individually.

Our electronic ignition comes ready adjusted, just like modern ignition. There is no timing to set up, no fiddling with strobe lamps and no having to take off the flywheel repeatedly.

Our conversion receives a huge amount of positive feedback due to its easy, plug in wiring as well as noticeably improved performance.

  • Ready assembled 12 volt generator with electronic ignition requires no timing adjustment.
  • Self generating electronic ignition system – does not need contact breakers
  • Supplied with brand new HT coil
  • Easier to start hot or cold compared to points ignition
  • Less maintenance & crisper performance
  • Simple to fit with clear pictorial fitting guide

The kit contains; a new 12 volt stator and ignition source coil, 12 volt lighting coil, electronic ignition unit, new HT coil, voltage regulator & fitting manual.

We have different kits for bikes with Mono Shocks or those that have Yamaha CDi electronic ignition. These models need a different timing curve to ensure smooth power delivery. See kits RMK-10 & RMK-11

Our bolt on kits assume a standard engine or one with only minor tuning modifications, eg exhaust pipe changes or carb improvements. Engines significantly bored out or those that have been ported may benefit from having the stator slotted to allow the base timing to be dialled in to suit the different state of tune. We are able to machine the stator to suit (optional extra).



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