Workshop Services


  • TZ Rewinds
  • Kawasaki Triple rewinds
  • SR500/RD250/RD350 Rewinds
  • Rotax MT350 | MT500 | CCM604 Rewinds
  • Lucas Rita repair and knowledge centre
  • Classic bike ignition systems
  • Dynamo parts specialists
  • Modern electronics for vintage motorcycles

Our sales team will first look for new replacements parts to resolve the problems you are having.  If new replacements are not available we may have an exchange item ready. Our in-house experts have experience with a wide range of motorcycle electrical systems. If the problem is indepth one of the technical team will advise, often by e-mail, which is the fastest way to have a technical enquiry answered.  Our manufacturing team will offer to repair generators from certain machines such as the Kawaskai Triples, Yamaha SR500 and RD250 and RD350. We only work on certain alternators where we have the tooling available and where our production schedule permits.  As manufacturers of electronic equipment we have in-depth knowledge of generators, CDi, electronic ignitions and charging systems.

Our expertise is in manufacturing electronics and windings, we have no motorcycle mechincs available to work on your motorcycle or diagnose problems. We have a range of help guides that are free to download and explain common issues on machines we deal with.  We recommend that you seek help from a mechanic or owner’s group for help in diagnosing faults with your motorcycle.

We welcome trade customers who may access special rates and technical support once a trade account has been approved.

Rex's Speed Shop for magneto rewinds and repairs


Our workshops two levels of turn round time for repairs & rewinds:

Standard and Express. There is a surcharge that is applied to the standard service for customers who wish to have their work done sooner. This surcharge varies between 50 and 100% of the standard repair cost. Restoration, one-off production or development work is excluded for the two tear service

Turn round times are from the date authorisation to do work was given, not from when we received the part.

  • STANDARD: We aim to complete most work within a 2-6 week time period, the price we quote is based on this service. If we are able to return your job sooner, we will. This lead time is an estimate only and is not guaranteed but it is in our interest to complete your job quickly. Note: We charge £10 +VAT per telephone update where the customer phones in for an update on progress. E-mail updates are free provided you quote job card (works order – W/O) number you are enquiring about.


  • EXPRESS: Guaranteed delivery time agreed with the customer, usually within 1-5working days. This is a premium service and is charged at our standard service price plus surcharge %.


Many of our processes require set times to perform, or specialist machines which may already be running at full capacity. When producing work in a limited time frame we do not cut corners or lower our production standards.


Click on the image to view the latest pricing guide (opens a PDF Document)

rexs speed shop cdi unit, dynamo alternator generator magneto stator rewind repair, regulator rectifier, ht coil, replacement

Sending parts to us

Please send your item to:

Rex’s Speed Shop
Unit 1, Russet Farm
Redlands Lane
East Sussex
TN32 5NG
United Kingdom

  1. Include your contact details as well as a phone number or e-mail address. Delay results if we are not able to contact the owner for authorisation to proceed with work.
  2.  Letters that read “As per telephone conversation here’s the part for repair” can cause long delays in having your job started. Workshops have to find the member of sales team you spoke to, that person may not be due in to work for several days. The way to avoid this is to include a conscise explaination along with the item you have sent.  If you have e-mailed us, including a copy of the e-mail is very helpful and will speed things up.
  3. When sending from overseas, IE the USA or Australia, the value you declare on the parcel may cause import duty and VAT to be applied. Any duty we have to pay will be added to your bill in addition to any quoted price for the work. Be realistic of the value of a failed, second hand unit!
  4. We do not recommend customers strip parts out of a stator assembly and send them. In case the repaired part does not fit after repair, if we did not have the whole assembly rework is charged extra.

Repair work is chargeable per hour and workshop prices are always quoted excluding VAT.


We accept most major credit and debit cards over the phone or we can send you a secure payment link via e-mail.

Overseas customers may wish to use TransferWise. This service saves a considerable amount on foreign currency transactions because you pay the actual exchange rate, plus a small fee. Its far cheaper than your bank. Pay Pal costs 19 times more to send foreign currency than TransferWise. We use & recommend TransferWise ourselves.

We trade in £GBP and €EUR, please let us know which currency to invoice in. We can supply our bank account details on request, please state which currency you prefer.

Trade sales – to obtain the best discount payment must be via bank transfer.

Unfortunately we no longer accept cheques

We DO NOT accept AMEX


The Lucas RITA (Racing Ignition Transistor Amplified) has a long reputation for performance and reliability. However thirty year old electronics will be tired or may have failed completely. Rex’s Revival circuit board now means that you up-grade it with all new, modern electronics but without changing any other parts of the ignition.

There are two options one fits the AB5 case, the other the AB 11 both designed to be compatible with the rest of the RITA system. Rex’s offer a high quality, modern circuit to fit inside either the AB11 or the AB5 case. The new unit is built and assembled in our own workshops and features the latest SMD components, ensuring excellent performance.

The new unit uses less power than the original RITA and features up-dates to the old design including reverse polarity protection, over volt protection and triple protection to the main transistor. The new unit is far tougher and less likely to be damaged than the original. Available for; Vincent, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Moto Morini, Aermacchi, Hestketh, Japanese and British motorcycles that have a RITA fitted. Suitable for home fitting, comes with a comprehensive fitting guide. Our workshops are able to fit the new part to your existing RITA case for you.

Made in England


Machines with rotors connected to the regulator via brush gear (Pre mid 1980s) or self contained alternators (mid 1980s on).

New windings are made in-house, rotor windings are produced on CNC machines. Stator windings have to have special tooling made, where we have to make tools ‘one-off production’ time scales apply. We will inform you of this and of any additional cost. The finished assembly is subjected to a full bench inspection, including aligment for rotors. We now offer a replacement slip ring assembly for the Suzuki GT750 rotors. Voltage regulators that fit into original cases are under development.

We are able to repair and overhaul self contained alternators made after the mid 1980s. These have the regulator and rectifier inside the alternator as car units have. Parts availability is an issue although our technicians may be able to find a solution where others may not.

rex's speed shop alternator stator rewind repair sevice


Racing ignitions require careful repair to get the best from them. Our CNC machines give the exact number of turns, wire tension and ensures each layer is built up evenly. We have a wealth of experience with racing ignition systems and over the years we have carefully catalogued each one to create an extremely comprehensive reference database. As a result we can offer fixed price rewinds and fast turn rounds of these systems.

We can supply new ignition units or put modern electronics in to original cases to maintain original appearance for some of these systems.

Ignition Unit Testing & Repair

We are able to test many pre-1990s transistor and capacitor discharge boxes on the bench. Some repairs are possible where the electronics are not set in resin. If the electronics are fully encapsulated generally no repair is possible. We are able to manufacture an increasing range of new, replacement units to replace failed ones. Please check with us before sending your unit for testing.

-Resin filled electronic units are not repairable-


We restore many electronic parts to look like brand new original equipment with the benefit of modern reliability. This service is highly popular with restorers who are looking to achieve a perfect machine complete with its original electrics that work reliably. We offer:

  • Electronics design & manufacture
  • Plating & anodising to ISO standards
  • Blast cleaning and polishing
  • Welding
  • Turning and milling
  • Sourcing of rare NOS parts
  • In-depth knowledge of Japanese electrical systems

We work to standards associated with overhauling aircraft components to restore rare motorcycle parts to ‘as new’. We have developed our own processes and equipment to strip and re-assemble parts without damaging them. Much of the restoration work is carried out in-house, with the excepting of plating and a few specialist processes.


We restore many electronic parts to look like brand new original equipment with the benefit of modern reliability. This service is highly popular with restorers looking to achieve a perfect machine complete with its original electrics that work reliably. We offer:

Fully restored Kawasaki H2/A Solid State Magneto (CDI) assembly

First the cases are stripped of the old electronics which are then professionally zinc plated to ISO 2081. Modern electronic circuits are built and test run before they are sealed to the refurbished cases. The unit is fully assembled, tested on the bench and the work is completed with a new set of decals and lead idents

Kawasaki H1/D Stator rewind

Newly manufactured Honda RS500 stator

Fully repaired and rewound TZ250 4DP generator stator

‘Restored & reloaded’ KH400 CDi unit

New electronics, case professionally replated to ISO2081, new leads & connectors backed by a one year warranty

Rex's Speed Shop for magneto repairs, rewinds and problems solving

Lucas K1F Magneto Rewind by Rex’s Speed Shop

Sent to us as the engine faded and wouldn’t start when hot. Our technicians traced the fault to failed armature windings. The armature was rewound and a modern condenser fitted. After refitting the engine roared in to life first kick