Loom Wire & HT Cable

“Thin wall” wire is the modern standard for wiring, it carries more current than traditional PVC insulated wire and is available in more colours.

Which wire size should I use?

0.5 mm is rated at 11 amps and is good for reducing the bulk of a wiring loom. It should be used with smaller connectors. Limited colour range and fiddly to work with but makes for an extremely neat wiring loom.

1.0 mm is rated at 16 amps and is a good general purpose wire suitable for most circuits on motorcycles. Available in many colours. Crimps well on all standard motorcycle terminals.

2.0 mm is rated at 25 amps and should be used for main feeder and earth circuits. Basic colours available. Use dual positive and negative wire where the alternator rating is close to 25 amps.

What HT lead should I use?

Standard HT lead is suitable for general applications on motorcycles, ATVs, cars and tractors.

Hypalon or silicon type HT lead is highly flexible and has enhanced corrosion resistance. Its used where cooling air flow is limited also where HT leads run close to engine parts.

High performance black & yellow HT lead is excellent for magnetos, ensuring maximum power to the plug for easy starting. It is also recommended for modern high output ignitions systems.

All our HT lead has copper core to ensure maximum spark strength.

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