Rex’s “Revival” Ignition Replacement for Lucas Rita AB11 & AB5

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Lucas Rita Testing & Wiring Guide


Rex’s “Revival” ignition is an up-graded circuit board that fits in to original Lucas Rita boxes. Power consumption is much lower  compared to the Rita system as we use modern, efficient electronic components. No specialist knowledge is needed, wiring guide is provided which you can download from the link above to see exactly what’s involved. The circuit board fits directly in to the metal AB11 cases and can be easily fitted to AB5 cases. The ignition timing is exactly the same using the original sensor.

We use a modern IGBT coil driver in our ‘V2’ units which gives strong sparks with much reduced power consumption. Designed to be a direct replacement. Our electronics are protected against accidental reverse polarity and over-voltage.

Has your Rita failed? Do you want to up-grade your Rita system?

✓ No patch up or repairs, all brand new electronics in one easy step.

✓IGBT ignition coil driver uses less power than original Rita ignitions.

✓No special electrical knowledge required – fit at home*

✓Wires colours match originals (AB11).

✓ Available to ship worldwide.

✓One year warranty.

✓Made in England.

*Our technicians can fit the new electronics if you prefer not to do this yourself. Fixed price service.

Important: Three cylinder machines fitted with 4 volt coils.

The new circuit board must not be used with three 4 volt coils ‘daisy chained’ together. Use our PM6A6 diode pack and 12 volt coils. 4 volt coils give the lowest spark performance yet draw a large amount of current.

Our recommendation for British Triples is the Tri-spark system. Its digital, sequential firing gives 21st century performance and provides a permanent solution for low voltage starting issues. The Rita is a vast improvement over points and runs well with 6 or 12 volt coils, however its design is dated and very basic compared to the digital Tri-Spark.

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