Rex’s “Rita Revival” Replacement for Lucas Rita AB11 & AB5

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Lucas Rita Testing & Wiring Guide


Rex’s “Rita Revival” is a circuit board to fix original Lucas Rita boxes with problems. Now failed Rita boxes can be reapired quickly and cheaply by simply sloting in the new circuit. Saves time as there is no need to send your box away for repair. Saves money too, with the added advantage that all of the tired old electronics are replaced by a completely new ignition.

We have also drastically reduced power consumption with a modern IGBT coil driver that does not consume current in the way transistors do. Lucas used a power hungry transistor which is why the orignal used so much power. Our technicians have added protection against accidental reverse polarity and over-voltage from older charging systems.

To ensure our Rita Revival is fully compatible the ignition timing is exactly the same using the original sensor.

Has your Rita failed? Engine mis-firing due to a tired ignition?

✓ No patch up or repairs, all brand new electronics in one easy step.

✓Modern coil driver only uses far less power than original Rita ignitions.

✓Use standard HT coils with a total primary resistance of 4-5 ohms.

✓Competent mechanics can fit at home*

✓Wiring guide for AB5 & AB11 available to down load.

✓ Available to ship worldwide.

✓One year warranty.

✓Made in England.

*Our technicians can fit the new electronics if you prefer not to do this yourself. Fixed price service.

Important: Three cylinder machines.

We do not recomend our Rita Revival in this application. While the Rita was fitted as standard to some British triples, using a single coil driver to control 3 HT coils pushes the design to the limit. We feel it is unacceptable to run compoments at or over their maximum design limits. The Tri-Spark has sequential firing and even lower power consumption which completely transforms how British Triples start and run. The Tri-spark does cost more but when you see how much better your triple runs you will be glad you invested in the Tri-Spark.

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