Terms & Conditions

Company Terms and Conditions

All automotive parts supplied by Powder Mill Electronics Ltd are supplied on the basis that fitting requires background knowledge, experience, specialist tools, equipment and training. All parts must be fitted by a qualified and experienced mechanic working with access to the OEM manual and working to industry accepted standards. If you feel you do not have the right skills, knowledge or tools consider getting help from someone who does – mistakes are often expensive to rectify!



“The company” refers to Powder Mill Electronics Ltd

“The customer” refers to the person, firm or company purchasing goods or service from the company

The “goods” and/or “services” means the the goods and/or services that the company is contracted to supply to the customer in accordance with these terms and conditions.

A “working day” means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or English public (bank) holiday.

Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 Compliance
These Terms & Conditions are binding on both the customer and the company under UK Law. The customer’s statutory rights are not affected (UK).


Full company contact details are to be found on the “contact us” page of this website.

You may place a distance or “off premises” order by:

1. Visiting our online web store and selecting products you want. These items are added to your basket, then following the ‘check out’ process for submitting an order (see below on how to do this) and clicking the appropriate confirmation button. You can complete this either as a guest with no need to create and account or after logging into or creating your personal account In both cases the same terms and conditions are applicable. You will be asked only for the information we required to process your order such as name, address and delivery address. We have no access to the secure payment process, beyond being able to check for successful or unsuccessful payments and do not store your payment details. We aim to process the order within the same working day subject to being received during our opening times. Our current operating times are 9.00am to 17.00pm Monday to Friday (not including Bank Holidays). For information what information we hold, why and for how long please see our GDPR policy page.

2. Telephoning us on our order line, the details of which can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website, adverts and company letter heads and invoices. We aim to process the order within the same working day subject the availability of staff to process it and at what time the order was received, generlly ordereds placed after 4pm will be processed the next working day.

3. Emailing your order request to us at: sales@rexs-speedshop.com. We aim to process the order within the same working day subject the availability of staff to process it and at what time the order was received, generlly ordereds placed after 4pm will be processed the next working day.

By placing an order request, you make the company an offer to purchase the Goods you have selected with an obligation to make payment, in accordance with our standard Terms & Conditions and UK law.

At the earliest stage we will discuss with the customer any shortages or additional lead times.

The company is not oblidged to accept an order but we will contact you to inform you if we reject or cancel your order request. Should your payment be declined or not made we reserve the right to reject your order. The company will attempt to make contact by e-mail or telephone in order to resolve any outstanding issues.

We always do our best to get to your requests and orders as quickly as we can, however we respectfully remind customers we are a small team and may not be able to respond immediately.

To obtain a durable copy of our terms and conditions, go the bottom of this page, there is “print” button, by pressing this you have the option of printing out a copy or saving a copy to your own computer. A PDF file for example, constitutes a durable medium.

Delivery of Goods

UK Delivery

Customers are made aware that the company will do its best to supply orders as quickly as possible, however due to Gobal shortages of raw materials, parts and manpower shortages there could be delays in dispatch. The company works closely with its suppliers to reduce or avoid any delays.

Delivery times are quoted from the time that the order is dispatched.

Working days excludes weekends, English Bank Holidays and days where the company is closed.

Many products are made to order, naturally there will be a short lead time on such items. Being shown in stock is not a gaurantee the item is available for immediate dispatch.

Next day delivery. Customers must confirm the item is available for immediate dispatch before requesting a Next Day Delivery.

Missed Delivery

Delivery includes a limited number of delivery attempts in the purchase cost, the exact number varies from courier to courier.  The customer must ensure they are available to take delivery in person. Extra charges may be incurred in cases where inaction or other reason on the part of the customer caused a missed or failed delivery.

‘Next Day’ delivery only applies to working days and only to items that are available for immediate dispatch.

Working days excludes weekends, English Bank Holidays and days where the company is closed.

Overseas Delivery

Our standard Overseas service geared towards giving the quickest delivery time. There may be cheaper alternatives, however with significantly longer delays.

The Customer is fully liable for Import Duties, Customs clearance charges and other charges raised as a result of the import of items from a forgein Country.

The company uses a number of couriers for overseas deliveries to keep delivery times and customs clearance times as short as possible. Delivery times vary depending on Country and customs clearance procedures.

Many products are made to order, naturally there will be a short lead time on such items while they are completed. Being shown in stock is not a gaurantee the item is available for immediate dispatch.

Customers are made aware that the company will do its best to supply orders as quickly as possible, however due to Gobal shortages of raw materials, parts and manpower shortages there could be delays in dispatch. The company works closely with its suppliers to reduce or avoid any delays.

Delivery times are quoted from the time that the order is dispatched.

The company has no ability to contact your Country’s Goverment to varify transist through Customs clearance.

The company has no ability to contact your Country’s local Postal Service, the Customer is best placed to do this should this be required.

Delivery Rates

Our standard delivery is calculated using the total weight of items in your shopping basket, whether hazardous goods are included requiring special handling or transport, and the geographical region the parcel is to be sent. Rates comprise postal cost, packing & (where applicable) VAT. The company reserves the right to refuse to ship based on an automatically calculated priced displayed to the customer. In this case the comapny will contact the customer to resolve the issue in a timely manner. If you require a different delivery service you must e-mail us before placing your order.

Returns Policy

You have a 14 day period after the parts are delivered in which you may return your order.

Customers resident in the UK have the right under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 to cancel your order up to 14 days from when you receive the goods without needing to give a reason.

This provision allows the customer to inspect the goods in the same manner as if they had visited a physical shop. Once items have been fitted the right to return is no longer in force.

Return postage costs is the customer’s responsibility. All returned items must be undamaged and unmarked and in a re-saleable condition.  Refunds will be made in a timely manner and no later then 14 days after we receive the returned item.

We reserve the right to make a deduction where the goods are not in the same condition or not received.

Exemptions to the right to return your order

Customers residing outside the UK do not have the right to cancel an order or return goods under UK legislation.

Any goods that are built to customer order, or are a bespoke build or have been modified or altered to suit a customer’s requirement. For example wires cut to length or specially made parts cannot be cancelled once the order has been accepted under this legislation.

Where a security seal has been removed or broken the item cannot be returned. For reasons of safety such items cannot be returned. This includes ignition units and other parts that affect the safe operation or performance of the machine.

Goods bought in person, face to face from our place of business, or any place that we have rented or are attending on a temporary basis for the purpose of retail selling and where the customer is given the opportunity to inspect the goods in person, are not returnable under Consumer Contracts regulations. We may agree, at our own discretion and on a case by case basis to accept returns under these circumstances.

Any goods sold at public auction by our company cannot be returned under this legislation.

Any goods below £42 in value cannot be returned under this legislation.

All handling fees, import duty and other fees incurred by items returned from outside the UK will be deducted from any refund

Note: By law some items are not returnable.

Shortages & Incorrectly Supplied Goods.

All shortages and missing goods MUST  be reported within 24 hours of receipt the parcel. The timed or dated delivery notification from our courier is used for to determine when this period has expired. We will not investigate shortages after this point.

Incorrectly supplied items MUST be reported within 14 from receipt of goods. The timed or dated delivery notification from our courier is used for to determine when this period has expired. All incorrectly supplied items will be replaced at our cost provided that we are notified within the stated timescale.

Incorrectly Ordered Goods.

All incorrectly ordered items MUST be reported within 14 days of receipt of goods. After this period it is not possible to return items. The timed or dated delivery notification from our courier is used for to determine when this period has expired.  We reserve the right to make a charge to cover administration costs.


Powder Mill Electronics Ltd guarantees, repair or replace free of charge any goods found to our satisfaction to be defective within 30 days from the date of dispatch. If an item is suspected to be faulty it must in all cases be returned to the company so that the fault can be confirmed.

The Warranty period is calendar based for one year from the date on that original invoice. Warranty is for a fixed period of time elapsed from the date on the original purchase invoice.

Goods damaged by inexpert fitment, fitted to a vehicle with other latant faults, incorrectly adjusted, used for a purpose other than the intended purpose, subjected to modification or abuse or been subjected to conditions beyond its specification will not be repaired, replaced or refunded under warranty.

Customers in the UK have the right to demand a refund within the 30 day period only if the goods are found not to met their design specifacation or have manufacturing defects that prevent their correct functioning. Where parts are returned and found to meet their specification and/or be without fault, this section of the law does not apply.

New, repaired & reconditioned products supplied by Powder Mill Electronics Limited are covered by a one year warranty against faulty manufacture, repair and failure of the product.

Items that have been tested and declared serviceable are not covered by our warranty. The test gives an indication of serviceability only at the time of testing.  No claims of continued serviceability are made or implied on parts that have been subject to a test only.

Our Warranty is an agreement made with the customer or entity named on the invoice and the company. This contract is not transferable to another person or entity. For example if a vehicle is sold the contract is deemed to have expired. Your copy of the invoice will be required in the event of a warranty claim and you must pass security to identify yourself as the person named on the invoice. Refunds under warranty will only be given on production of the original sales invoice.

Powder Mill electronics Ltd reverses the right to recover its costs where a warranty claim is started based on inaccurate testing or troubleshooting of a vehicle system.

Your statutory rights are not affected.

Warranty & Returns From Outside the UK

Please get in contact with the company first.

If required to return part the customs form CN22 MUST  be filled out as follows

“Item returned to supplier under warranty”

You must include a copy of the original invoice to prove the item’s origin.

Country of origin is “UK”

Value as less then 10 $/€

If the paperwork is not filled out correctly there could be many months delay.

The goods may not reach us until the paper work is correct.

Any fees incured will be charged to the customer.

Warranty claims can not not be processed until the company has received the goods.

Failure to follow these requirements in returning goods will cause considerable delay to your warranty claim. Powder Mill Electronics Limited will not be held responsible for errors in completing the paper work, nor will it pay any fees caused by incorrect paperwork.


Limited liability: All warranty claims are limited to the original retail price of that product or service. The buyer assumes responsibility for risks of any kind caused by themselves or any other party by virtue of faulty manufacture, failure, incorrect fitting, set up or adjustment of the product, Powder Mill Electronics Ltd will not be held responsible or liable for indirect or consequential damages. Where the buyer instructs a third party to fit parts supplied by Powder Mill Electronics Ltd, all liability for costs resulting from this contract are solely the responsibility of the person issuing the instructions to undertake said work or works. By making a purchasing from Powder Mill Electronics Ltd you show your acceptance to these terms.

Statutory rights

Your statutory rights are not effected by any parts of our terms and conditions.

Link to European Online Disputes Resolution website:


Customer support e-mail: sales (at) rexs-speedshop (dot) com

UK Sales Tax (VAT) & Import Duty

Customers from outside of the UK will not pay UK sales tax. Our website automatically removes this from your order when you enter a valid non UK address. The delivery address must be the same Country as the billing address. Please note location hiding software or high security setting may prevent the customer from being able to place an order.

The customer should be aware that Import Duty may be charged by Customs & Excise in your Country. We are required by law to fill out a Customs Declaration and provide a detailed shipping invoice along with the goods we send.

The company is not able to provide quotes for import costs beyond the shipping fee. The customer is advised to speak with their local import tax office for a quotation of import Duties involved.

The company has no control over duties or other fees levied by import officials.

Force Majeure

The company shall bear no liability for loss, damage or delay howsoever arising by a Force Majeure event and in these circumstances may suspend or cancel the whole or part of any delivery or order. The company will endeavour to notify the customer as quickly as reasonably possible if a Force Majeure event occurs.

If the Force Majeure event prevents the company from providing the contractual goods or services the company, without limiting its other rights or remedies has the right to cancel the contract by giving written or verbal notice.

A Force Majeure event  refers to an event beyond the reasonable control of the company including but not limited to; out break of disease, strikes, lock-outs or other industrial disputes (whether involving the workforce of the supplier or any other party), failure of a utility service or transport network, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or government order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm, inability to procure materials or articles except at increased prices or default of agents, suppliers or subcontractors.

Installation & Fitting of Parts

All goods are supplied with the basis that they will be fitted by a qualified, competent person working with the latest revision of the OEM shop manual and service bulletins, using the correct tools and test equipment as required by the machine’s manufacturer.

Before operating a piece of machinery or operating a vehicle that has new or repaired parts fitted, either on road, off road or under racing condition you must confirm correct installation/fitting, set up, adjustment and correct operation in accordance with the OEM’s specifications. It is the responsibility of the person carrying out this work to ensure that the work is done to the correct standards using the machine’s shop manual and that all safety warnings and cautions are observed.

Adjustment of ignition timing and ensuring it is within safe parameters for the individual engine is the customer’s responsibility. This applies even on non adjustable ignition systems where other factors such as fuel type or quality, carburation settings or variations in model or modifications that are not apparant to the customer will have an effect on engine performance.

All fitting guides supplied by Powder Mill Electronics limited must be used in conjunction with the OEM bike manufacturer’s manual for the model. It is the responsibility of the person fitting the parts to ensure they have the correct technical data available. No part of any guide issued by the company over-rules safety precautions, warnings or cautions given in an OEM manual. You must refer to the OEM manual for safety precautions.

If any supplied part is modified, incorrectly fitted or adjusted, abused, used outside of its design limitations or used in an application that the part is not listed or intended for, the warranty becomes invalid. Powder Mill Electronics Ltd accept no liability of any misadventure, accident or injury in this case. Customers modifying their machines are solely responsible and liable for the modifications in the event of a misadventure, accident or loss of life.

Please note that technical support via telephone is not included in the purchase price. Our company offers tecnical support published help guides that are available free of charge and via e-mail.

The company does not offer technical support by telephonce, also the customer has not been charged for telephone support.


The company endeavours to make every effort to ensure descriptions and information supplied to identify parts or fitment to a particular application are accurate, however the company is unable to guarantee that in all cases this is error free, complete, accurate or applicable. The company is not affiliated to any OEM motorcycle manufacturer and does not have direct access to OEM manufacturer’s parts data. The company will not be held responsible for errors, inaccuracies or omission of information.

We are constantly seeking to improve our products and increase the range that we offer, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Occasionally products may vary in appearance from those shown on our web site.

Part Descriptions

“Original equipment” with be the part as supplied by the machine manufacturer in their packaging.

“OEM” (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are parts made by other companies and supplied to the machine’s manufacturer when it was first built. These are supplied direct from the manufacturer in their own packing but are the same as original parts. For example PVL HT Coils are standard equipment on many Hinckley Triumphs and when you buy from a Triumph dealer you get a PVL coil.

“Pattern or replacement” parts are parts made by other companies and may vary in appearance but should perform the same or very similiar function.

Work Shop Services

All repair work or overhauls are charged based on the amount of time spent carrying out the work at the current hourly rate.

If we offer a fixed priced repair or service, it is on the condition that the basic structure of the item under repair is sound. We reserve the right to refuse to start or continue with a repair on a fixed price basis if we find the unit needs work outside of the normal repair scope. In this case we will contact the customer to discuss the problem and additional work or parts that are needed.

Any person refitting a repaired or new stator or generator is required to check that the running clearance between rotating and stationary parts is correct before the engine is run. We are not liable for damage caused by forceful assembly or running the engine with incorrectly set clearance. Such damage is also not covered under our own or statutory warranty. In the absence of manufacturer’s information a clearance of 0.2 – 0.8 mm should be set between stationary and rotating parts. The person assembling the generator is solely responsible for checking the unit is correctly assembled.

Only technician’s trained and approved by Powder Mill Electronics Ltd are qualified to test or carry out any work to any of our products. Some tests given in the OEM shop manual may not be valid for our products. If any of our products have been subjected to un-approved testing or have been tampered with by technicians or other persons not approved by us, all warranty automatically becomes invalid.

Items sent for testing by us and declared serviceable are serviceable at that point in time, no warranty is given and no claims of continued serviceability are given or implied.


All rights reserved. The copyright to all intellectual property, fitting guides, modification procedures, pictures and images found on this site are owned by Powder Mill Electronics Ltd and may not be used without written permission.


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Our Details

Our business’s name is: Powdermill Electronics Ltd, trading as Rex’s Speed Shop. The comapny is registerd in England & Wales, number 7429684
Our business address is: Rex’s Speed Shop, Unit 1, Russet Farm, Redlands Lane, Robertsbridge, TN32 5NG, United Kingdom
Our VAT registration is: GB 136 9761 78
EROI Number: GB136976178000. Northern Ireland: XI136976178000

Our contact details are: sales@rexs-speedshop.com, 0044 (0) 1580 880 768

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