12 Volt Accessory Pack 3 – Gel Battery

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No Export. Available to UK customers only due to shipping regulations

Accessory pack of electrical parts for XT & DT models being converted to 12 volt electrics. Contains 12 volt MB3U battery, electronic 12 volt indicator relay that works with LED and filament bulbs, horn and a set of 12 volt bulbs EXCUDING the headlamp – you need to check what is fitted and select the headlamp bulb accordingly.

Included in accesory pack 3:

Motobatt 12 volt gel battery – fits battery carrier without modifaction.

4 x 21W indicator bulbs

1 x stop/tail bulb

1x pack of 10 instrument/pilot light bulbs

1 x 12 volt electronic indicator relay

1 x 12 volt horn

See accessory pack 4 for models that use the very small 6N4 batteries.


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Weight 1.5 kg

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