6 & 12 Volt 1.0 Amp Motobatt Tech 1 Battery Charger Maintainer


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The Motobatt Tech 1 Battery Charger with UK mains connection.

A highly versatile charger that will charge smaller batteries up to 45 amp/hours and has the correct voltages for AGM, GEL, Calcium, Flooded (normal wet lead/acid), LifePo4. It has a choice of plug in crocodile clips and a ‘leave connected to bike’  ring terminal charging harness for quick and easy plug in charging.

Select 6v or 12v or lithium.

6 step fully automatic setup. Has a lighting system of red stop, yellow working on it, green go.

Plug and Leave ability.

Charging Specifications:
• Charges 6V and 12V batteries
• Charges batteries up to 45Ah
• Charges Lithium batteries up to 70Ah
• Maintenance mode
• Can charge WET, GEL, AGM & lithium batteries

Supplied with – UK Plug, crocodile clips, leave connected charging leads and instructions

1 year warranty

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