6 Volt | 12 Volt Dual Voltage Cyclon Battery | B38-6 | PU-7E


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Traditional rubber case with switchable 6/12 volt sealed, long life battery.

The Cyclon battery is robust and designed to meet Military performance specifications.

If used and stored under ideal conditions the manufacturer quotes the life as 10-15 years.

Supplied with wiring kit & 2 indivial cells,  connect the cells in parallel to give a 6V, 10A/Hr, or in series to give 12V, 5A/H. Full pictorial guide included.

No acid needed, supplied charged, ready to fit.

Includes; 2 Cyclon cells, genuine Lucas B38-6 (PU-7E) rubber case, connection leads & wiring instructions.

Case external dimensions  L:115, W:90, H:165mm

– Charge with standard motorcycle battery charger or maintainer/charger.
– Life in “permanent charge” 10 – 15 years (at 20°C)
– No need to change the battery if converting from 6 to 12 volts
– Wide temperature range -40°C to + 40°C
– Ultra-fast recharge – 95% state of recharge in less than one hour
– Robust construction. Resistant to shocks and vibrations
– Can be stored without use for 2 years at 20°C (stored charged)

Note: To safely use any sealed, AGM or gel batteries your motorcycle must be fitted with a modern solid state voltage regulator or dynamo regulator.

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