Adjustable EMCU for XT500 RMK-2 “Roadster” Ignition kits


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EMCU for XT500 RMK-2 “Roadster” electronic ignition kits. An electronic adjuster lets you trim the ignition timing on the ignition box, instead of having to remove the flywheel to make each adjustment.

Compatible with the following Speed shop kits; RMK-2 kits that use a white plastic, 3 way plug with brown and black wires (one space is empty) at the EMCU/generator connector, versions 3 and above.

Gives a XT specific 4-stroke timing curve.

  • NOT Compatible with versions lower then V3 (Serial number on the ignition unit 21-3XXX up)
  • NOT Compatible with kits that originally had black 3-way plug at the generator/EMCU connector
  • NOT Compatible with RMK-4 kits.
  • Must not be used in conjunction with any other electronic ignition kit.

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