DT250 | 360 | 400 | 12 Volt Lighting coil 1974-79


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Brand new lighting coil wound specifically to give 12 volts to fit standard DT models 250 – 400cc 1974 to 1979, including our electronic ignition stator kits for these models. Must be used with out 12 volt AC/DC regulator.

There are many variations of standard 6 volt lighting coil fitted to these models. To over come the problems for wiring coils configured differently and with different outputs, we have created one single coil that works over the entire range.

Minimal wiring required, however due to the range of variations this item replaces you must be able to identify the system you have and the appropriate connections. This kit is given an intermediate rating for fitting.

  • Supplies 45/45 Watt headlamp and full road lights
  • Fits standard and our own RMK stators
  • DT250 – 400 1974 to 1979


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