DT250 | IT400 | DT400 | YZ400 | DT250MX | CDi ignition unit 1977-78



NOT suitable for 1974-76 B&C models with Mitsubishi generators that have the black plastic pick-up.

Updated and improved CDi unit built to exacting modern standards. Every unit is inspected during manufacture and given a full check run before being sent.

We have been manufacturing replacement CDi units for Yamaha models here in the UK for over 12 years with thouasands of units sold.

Where this unit replaces the a metal box it will fit the standard mounting. Wire colous matching and connectors to original Yamaha

Replaces Yamaha P/N: 1M2-85540-20-00 & 1W6- 85540- 20. The original unit was stamped “SSM F8T00”

Confirmed to time up & run correctly on DT250MX E&F models with black plastic box CDi.

Note one black (earth wire) is left un-used when using out DT4 on some models. The black is earth, some models have one, most two, it does not matter which is connected to the CDI unit, both wires are connected to the same terminal inside the CDi.

One year warranty.

Direct replacement for:

DT250 D & E 1977-78

DT250MX E&F 1977-78

DT400 D & E 1977-78

IT400 D & E 1977-78

YZ400 D & E 1977-78

If a new CDi unit does not fix a no spark or running problem you should to talk to our technical team about having your generator overhauled.



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