DT250 E&F Electronic Ignition Only Kit – Mono Shock


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Our lowest priced DT250 D&E Mono shock electronic ignition only stator kit.

This kit is aimed at those on tight budgets. It gives the same up-graded high quality ignition as found on the Roaster versions but is supplied with no lighting coil fitted to reduce the kit price. Most DT250 models have a single 6V lighting coil and a skilled mechanic can swap this from the old stator on to our billet stator.

There is no charging or lighting included in this low cost ignition only stator kit.

Our RMK stator kits have been engineered to improve performance of ignition and to be straight forward to fit and set up. The budget ‘ignition only’ is significantly cheaper but does leave the owner with some technical wiring to carry out if 6 volt lighting coils are being swapped from the old stator. Or it can be used as an ignition only system with no other elecrics on the bike.

We build our electronic ignition stators in-house at our Robertsbridge facility so we retain control of the process. We provide after sales service and a full range of spare parts for our stator kits.

Our stator kits are chosen by customers around the world as they are simple to fit and give fantastic results.

Requires flywheel to be stamped F1T350


DT250 D&E 1977-78

  • Requires no timing adjustment, no timing light – simply bolt on and go.
  • CDI unit tailored to model to give real boost in performance
  • will accept a single 6V charging coil to retain  your 6 volt lighting.
  • Simple to fit with clear pictorial fitting guide
  • New billet stator, heavy duty & CNC machined
  • Full technical backup from the system designers via e-mail

A single 6 volt lighting coil that is in good condition can be swapped by a skilled mechanic to retain the 6 volt charging system.

We also manufacture a full race competition system featuring our ‘Dual Power’ stator that gives up to three times more spark energy.  If you require adjustable racing ignition for competition, or a performance up grade for a DT250 model see our competition stator kits.


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