12 Volt Roadster DT360, DT400 B&C Electronic Ignition

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RMK Electronic Ignition Kit Fitting Guides


Fully featured yet affordable up-grade designed for those who prefer a fit and go solution with very little set up required. Our new billet stator is accurately machined and assembled to ensure perfect ignition timing. Our modern 12 volt electrics are native to the Yamaha electrical system, designed to plug in with minimal fuss. Your bike must have its stock Yamaha wiring loom, the old 6V charging components are removed from it – we supply simple pictures and detailed fitting guides.

This kit is great solution to replace the ageing and problematic OEM generators. Our techs have developed this system over many years, refining it to a standard few can match. You will need a flywheel extractor but minimal tooling is required.

The generator is the heart of your bike’s electrical system and we believe the RMK-8 (12 volt) system is an unbeatable choice in terms of performance, compatibility and reliability. We develop and manufacture our own ignitions here in the UK so we can bring you performance that betters the original Yamaha equipment at an affordable price.

The kit contains a new fully assembled 12V billet stator, electronic ignition unit,  HT coil, voltage regulator & fitting guide.

We’ve taken the time to check our parts fit and work correctly with the bike’s electrical system. Owning a classic motorcycle, now approaching 50 years old often throws up problems and challenges, things can be found not as expected but an advantage of choosing Rex’s is that our technicians have a vast amount of experience with old motorcycles and can be e-mailed if you hit a snag.

Requires the flywheel to be stamped “FOTO2171, FOTO2172 or FOTO2173”.


DT360A 1974

DT400 B&C 1975-76

MX400B 1975

IT400C 1976

YZ400C 1976

  • Designed for those who want to up-grade without complicated set-up
  • Requires no timing adjustment, no timing light – simply bolt on and go
  • Roadster performance self generating electronic ignition
  • Simple to fit with clear pictorial fitting guide
  • CDI unit fits original holder
  • Ignition & kill switch work as before
  • Full technical backup from the system designers via e-mail


Owners who wish to experiment with ignition timing should see kit our RMK-9, this gives vastly increased spark energy and adjustable base timing point.

Not included: Battery, bulbs, 12V horn and indicator relay.

*Basic workshop tools needed, flywheel extractor required (not supplied). See P/n FWP-1.

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