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Nuts & Bolts ‘XSTART’ Retrofit E-Starter. Note we recommend that you fully read the fitting instructions FIRST!

E-Starter-Kit ‘XSTART’ Basic Set with battery pack that replaces original tool box. IMPORTANT  battery is not charged by vehicle alternator

Application: XT500 1976 to ’85

The ‘XSTART’ includes a 1kW starter with alternator cover, adapters for the original rotor sprag clutch, drive chain and starter relay, all the necessary accessories and detailed, illustrated instructions for quick and easy installation. The lithium battery (LiFePo4) is located in a housing made to look like the original toolbox.

Depending on the temperature, the battery can complete up to 100 starts with one charge. Afterwards, it must be recharged with the included mains powered charger. The battery is not connected to the vehicle’s electrical system so will not automatically recharge.

The starting current of the starter is 300A, with a peak current of 600A, the 4S lithium battery has sufficient reserves.  The manufacturer recommends charging the starter battery after every ride as standard.

A new alternator cover gasket is of course included in every kit. A simple rotor counterholder is included, but for easier and damage-free installation of the magnet wheel adapter we recommend our counterholder item 20114. The magnetic rotor does not need to be dismantled.


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