Hydraulic Clutch Kit XT500 | SR500 | TT500



Superb hydraulic clutch actuator kit.  Fits standard machines.  Decompressor lever fitting.  Hose  length120cm. Mirror thread M10 x 1.25 RH thread. Lever colour: Silver

Hydraulic Clutch Actuation Kit

  • Less manual force required, lower frictional losses than a traditional wire cable.
  • Always the same clucth biting point, wear is compensated by the hydraulics.
  • Detailed solutions developed by Kedo for problem-free mounting by skilled mechanics.


Application: SR500/T, TT500, XT500/S (ready-to-mount)

Important: Requires Magura ‘blood’ mineral oil, not included. DO NOT use DOT3, 4 or 5.1 brake fluid.

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