IT200 | IT250 | YZ490 |WR500 CDi unit



Updated and improved CDi unit that fits the standard mounting and with matching wire colours and connectors. Modern and up-graded electronics restore “as new” performance.

Designed and built in England by our team of experts. Tested on real motorcycles to ensure our ignition unit gives the best possible performance, equalling or exceeding the original. The case is slightly larger than standard but the unit fits into the CDi holder.

Every single unit is fully tested & calibrated before its sent out. If your problem persists or changes the system has another fault.

One year warranty.

Direct replacement for:

IT200 L, N & E 1984-86

IT250 K 1983

YZ490 K, L, N, S, T, U, W &A 1984-90

WR500 ZD & ZE 1992-93

Yamaha P/N:23X-85540-20-00

Please note, if a new CDi unit doesn’t fix a no spark or running problem you should to talk to us about a possible fault in your generator.

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