LED British BPF P36D Headlamp Bulb 6V | 12V | Dynamo Saver

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Suitable for 6 and 12 volt operation, positive or negative earth our British Pre-Focus fitting LED headlamp bulb is ideal for dynamos as they have extremely low power consumption.

Power consumption is  1.1A on full beam at 6 volts. The Lucas 6V 24/30W bulb consumes over 5 amps on high beam!

Our LED headlamp bulb has a a projector type lens ensuring it gives a good dip and main beam in any headlamp reflector, even early plain or frosted glass types.



Important Information

-6 volt ALTERNATOR equipped machines MUST be fitted with a modern, solid state regulator rectifier unit.

LED will not operate below 5.5 volts, so this unit will not illuminate if the battery is at 25% or lower state of charge on a 6V system. Normal bulbs also will not be correctly lit at this voltage.

Not to be used to replace headlight bulbs where the standard OEM bulb was halogen. The BPF fitting was a tungsten filament bulb and not halogen.

Off road use or show use only.

Additional Information

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