LED British BPF P36D Headlamp Bulb 6V | 12V | Dynamo Saver

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Rex’s LED conversion will not cause an MOT fail on headlamp bulbs, provided the vehicle was first registered before 1st April 1986

Powerful LED headlamp bulb with British Pre Focus (BPF)  fitting, suitable for 6 and 12 volt operation, positive or negative earth.

Works with alternator and dynamo systems to reduce the power needed for lighting. Typically LED headlamps use a fifth of the power required by tungsten or halogen bulbs leaving charging systems very lightly loaded.

LED lighting allows the standard alternator or dynamo to provide bright lighting while keeping  the battery fully charged, provided all the electrical system components including the battery are in good condition and fully maintained.

  • Consumes only 1.1A on full beam (6V) and around 0.6 A on dipped.
  • A projector type lens gives a properly focused beam in any headlamp reflector
  • There are two beams, low which is complimented by an addition beam when ‘high’ is selected.
  • The metal bezel rotates to ensure the high beam always appears above the low beam. Allen key is supplied for adjustment.


Important Information

Motorcycles equipped with Lucas 6 volt ALTERNATORS: A  solid state regulator rectifier unit must be fitted. Your warranty is invalid when used on systems that do not have a electronic voltage regulator fitted. 12V systems should have a modern solid state regulator rectifier fitted or zener diode control set to 14.4 volts.

Most dynamo systems have voltage regulation as standard. There is no requirement to replace a correctly functioning mechanical voltage regulator.

We recommend that dynamos with 3 brushes should be converted to 2 and have a regulator fitted.

6 Volt operation: LED will not operate below 5.5 volts, so this unit will not illuminate if the battery is at 25% or lower state of charge on a 6V system. Normal bulbs only glow and will fail to provide a useable beam at this voltage.

UK MOT: LED headlamp conversions will pass the MOT where the vehicle was first registered before 1 April 1986 and the lamp confirms to all normal requirements.

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