Lithium Battery Mosfet Regulator Rectifier


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See warnings and cautions before purchase.

Lithium battery regulator with an output voltage of 14.1VDC (+/- 0.1VDC).

The MOSFET design runs cooler than all OEM shunt style regulators. In addition this rectifier has overheat protection, and will simply turn off until it has cooled, protecting your expensive lithium battery and the generator too.

Comes with complete with the opposite connectors but please be aware these require special crimping pliers, available sepatarately from our store.

Any lithium battery you fit MUST have an equal or greater AMP/Hour capacity as the standard battery specified in the bike’s manual.

Warning: No regulator rectifier will compensate for using a Lithium (or any) battery of the incorrect Amp/hour rating for the alternator. Amp/hr is not the same as cold cranking amps. Also note that the person fitting a different battery from the one specified in the bike’s manual is modiying the bike from standard.

Using batteries with a lower Amp hour (A/Hr) rating can cause serious damage to the generator, regulator rectifier, charging system and items connected to the charging system.  Be cautious of Lithium batteries sold as ‘ direct replacement’, you must check that the Amp/hour is the same as the original. Using the incorrect amp/hour rating will invalidate any warranty on this part.

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