Rivet for Lucas Magneto Name Plate | K2FCMGLA | K2FMGLA | K2FMGLC


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Solid rivet to secure Lucas name plates to the magneto body.

Size: body length, from base of head. Core ø2.5mm. OD 2.7mm (inc Knurl). Knurled body grips the rivet in place.

These are designed to be driven in to the standard size hole. Be sure to check the hole size as many have become worn or have been drilled out in the past.

If a 2.5mm drill easily drops in to the nameplate rivet hole on your magneto, the hole is worn and you require the over size rivet (RVT-1OS)

We recommend a few drops of permanent thread lock are applied to the rivet prior to instalition, for added security.

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