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Robust self healing polypropylene condenser, 0.22uF, 630V, high pulse capacity. Suitable to set in to the drive end of rotating armature magnetos such as the Lucas K1F & K2F.

  • Safe for Platinum and Tungsten contact sets
  • High pulse handling capacity (typically in excess of 1100 V/uS)
  • Maximum working temp 100ºC
  • Designed for high-frequency, high voltage and very high ripple currents
  • 630V rating for reliable operation over a long period of time.

We use a self healing polypropylene pulse type condenser. Why polypropylene? Paper alternatives have a well documented and finite life span that is considerably shorter than mica or modern dielectric materials. Many magneto repair shops, while very experienced are not electronics designers, hence will tell you a very specific capacitor is needed. This is not accurate, you simply require a capacitor of the correct specification. Our electronics engineers have taken away all the guess work.

Requires fitting by a skilled & experienced expert. Use a resin such as electrical potting compound or polyester resin (found in glass fibre kits) to set this in to the armature end.

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