Mosfet Regulator Rectifier | Triumph Street Triple | 2006-2014



Super heavy-duty, cool running MOSFET regulator rectifier unit. CNC billet case, anodised finish. Suitable for the extensive range of models listed below.

Features phase control that switches the phases on and off to give very smooth charging. Includes the opposite connectors.

We build good working relationships with suppliers who demonstrate a high level of care and attention to detail so we can provide top quality at reduced prices.

Must not be used with lithium batteries.

Width : 105 mm
Length : 95 mm
Height : 30 mm
Mounting hole centres: 75 mm
Number of plugs : 2
Number of wires : 5
Minimum Charging Voltage : 14.5 V +/- 0.5 V
Maximum Charging Current : 50 A / 500 W
Open Circuit Voltage : < 15 V


Street Triple 6752006TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 6752007TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 6752008TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 6752009TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 6752010TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 6752011TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 6752012TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 6752013TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 6752014TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 675 R2008TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 675 R2009TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 675 R2010TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 675 R2011TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 675 R2012TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 675 R2013TRIUMPH675cc
Street Triple 675 R2014TRIUMPH675cc

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