Motorcycle Battery Eliminator | Charge Condenser


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Battery eliminator, sometimes called a ‘charging condenser’ can allow certain generator systems run with no battery. Ideal for track, MX and Enduro motorcycles with or without power valves.

Twice the capacity than similar looking units, makes starting points ignition bikes more reliable. A rugged long life capacitor that will withstand the high ripples and surges of a motorcycle’s charging system. Comes with mounting clip, cable tie and connectors.

Connect like a battery, red to positive, black to negative (polarity sensitive). Needs no maintenance, saves weight even compared to lithium batteries and can be left unused for long periods with no ill effects.

This unit does not make any power! All the power is provided by the generator, therefore electric starts do not work and the lights will pulse at idle. This will be the same with any battery eliminator. They do not make power so you will notice generator pulses at idle only. When you rev the engine lights and power valves will work as they should.

Dia: 30mm, height 45mm, lead length 250mm approx.

Not recommend for road bikes as lighting performance is compromised at lower speeds or when the engine is at idle.

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