Lucas Dynamo Regulator | E3L | E3H | E3N | E3AR | Positive Earth | 6V | 12V

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Solid State Voltage Regulators for British Motorcycles
Rex's Lucas Dynamo Guide
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British made 6 & 12 volt, POSITIVE earth dynamo regulator with in built protection for your dynamo’s armature. No other electronic regulator is so versitile in terms of performance and protection for the dynamo. As supplied regulates to 6 volts however you can choose to convert to 12 volt operation by cutting the green wire. Suitable for all Lucas motorcycle dynamos rated up to 100Watts.

Not to be confused with cheaper units that have no protective features. Dynamos require both voltage AND current control to operate safely.

  • Thermal feedback loop which progressively reduces output power to prevent excessive current and over heating.
  • Field winding current limiting allows excellent performance when using a 6V dynamo on a 12V system.
  • Robust energy spark suppression circuits to reduce spikes generated by the dynamo.
  • Accurate voltage reference for steady charging rates.
  • Comprehensive fitting guide
  • One year warranty
  • Made in England

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