Progressive Front Fork Spring XT500 | XV535 | RD250 | RD400 | XT250


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Wirth progressive front fork springs are extremely high quality springs that pass strict German safety testing and come with a certifacte of conformity. Safety, quality and performance.

  • Original springs are often single rate and are worn and sagging due to age
  • Progressive spring rate means the forks react sensitively to small shocks without bottoming out under heavy loads
  • All Wirth fork springs come with type approval certificate

For XT500 and TT500 applications use 10SAE oil. With the spring removed and fork fully compressed oil height should be 160mm. Always confirm with the bike’s shop manual.


XT500 from 1977

XV535 Models 4MC,2YL, 3BR

RD400 Models 1A3, 2R9

XS400 Models 12E

DT250 Model 512, 1R7

RD250 Models 1A2, 2R8, 2R9

XT250, Model 3Y3

The first 3 digits of your bike’s frame number is the model designation.

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