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“Rex’s rectifier – with heat sink for reliable operation!”

Modern up-graded rectifier with heat sinking for reliable performance. The heat sink keeps the unit cool, extending its operating life and maximising its current handling ability.

Standard 130mm (5 inch) lead version with 4 wires. Fits CB, CL, XL & SL 250, 350, 450, models that have a four way female plug, as shown in the pictures.

Converts AC power to DC, there is no regulation function.

(If your regulator has failed we offer a combined regulator rectifier.)

Many Honda C, CB, CL, SL, XL & SS models use the same basic rectifier. The standard unit has leads 130mm (5 inch) long but there is also a long lead version, 290mm (12 inch) used on some CB, CL & CJ models. Both have a female connector with 4 wires. Models up to 200cc tend to use a standard lead length with four wires but a male connector. The same rectifier is used regardless of  if the bike is 6 or 12 volt, it is the lead length and end connector that are important.


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