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Rex’s modern, combined ‘all in one’ regulator and rectifier unit to replace the two separate units fitted to early Honda models.

We have done the wiring for you so this simply plugs in to the rectifier socket, no other wiring needed.

Compare the picture of the original part. You will need to fabricate a mounting bracket. The old regulator is removed.


CA175-K3 1969
CB175-K1 1971
CB175-K3 1969
CB175-K4 1970
CB175-K6 1972
CB175-K7 1973
CB200 1974
CB200T 1975
CB200T-K0 1976
CL175-K3 1969
CL175-K4 1970
CL175-K5 1971
CL175-K6 1972
CL175-K7 1973
CL200 1974

Honda applicable P/Ns: 31700-351-008, 31700-303-033, 31700-307-013, 31700-351-003

NOT suitable for Dream or Superdream models

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