Ignition Fix – Exchange CDi Source Coil Rewind SR400 SR500 1979-92


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Repaired part supplied on an “Exchange” basis. You must first send us your failed stator.

Repair for low speed source coils where the resistance readings has drifted away from 330 ohms at 20 degrees C (70F). Even a small variation in resistance will cause bad running, starting or problems that become worse as the engine warms up.

Exchange stator where ONLY the low speed CDi source winding has been rewound to OEM standard. The generator has been fully cleaned, tested with brand new leads and connectors fitted.

Your old stator must first be sent to us so it can be inspected to determine if it is suitable for exchange. Our technicians will explain the options if the part you send us fails inspection.

Suitable for 1979 to 92 SR400 & SR500 models. Check your stator looks identical, in some markets the stator changed after 1992.

Does not include back plate or pick-ups.

Important, this is a repair with a 6 month warranty – it is not an overhauled stator.

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