Replacement EMCU for XT500 “Dual Power” RMK-4


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Replacement EMCU for XT500 RMK-4 “Dual Power Competition” electronic ignition kits. Timing is trimed on the ignition unit as standard. No need to keep removing the flywheel to make each adjustment.

Compatible with the following Speed shop kits; All RMK-4 with white plastic connector at the generator/EMCU connection.

Gives a XT specific 4-stroke timing curve. Comes with new adjuster & fittig guide.

  • NOT compatible with RMK-2 kits
  • NOT compatible with kits that have black plastic plugs
  • Must not be used in conjunction with any other electronic ignition kit.
  • Engine damage will occur if used in any other applications than those specified.

​We are able to modify this unit for use with twin spark cylinder heads, supplying both at full power. Twin spark versions have a yellow HT wire instead of orange. Twin Spark units are built to order.

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