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For many years the Lucas Rita was an extremely popular choice for British and European bikes as well as for cars. Even today there is still strong support for this system so we have produced our “Rita Revival”, a simple drop in replacement designed as a ‘repair at home’ fix for aged and failed Rita electronics.

There are two versions, this is the AB11 version. The electronics are identical it is only the mounting detail and wire colours that are different. The correct version for the metal Rita box must be selected as they are not interchangeable.

There is no need to send your failed unit for repair, a skilled and competent mechanic can replace the old board quickly & easily.

The Revival is fully compatible with Lucas Rita and uses the same original pick-up and reluctor.


✓Modern coil driver only uses far less power than original Rita ignitions.

✓Use specified HT coils with a total primary resistance of not less than 3.6 ohms.

✓Comes with pre-soldered wires that match original colours

✓Competent mechanics can fit at home*

✓Wiring guide for AB5 & AB11 available to down load.

✓ Available to ship worldwide.

✓One year warranty.

✓Made in England.

*Our technicians can fit the new electronics if you prefer not to do this yourself. Fixed price service.

Important: Three cylinder machines.

The Rita Revival can be used for three cylinder machines, however only if one of two specified HT coils configurations are followed. 4V coils must not be used. Fitted to three HT coils the unit comes with a 6 month warranty, from date of purchase. Driving three HT coils from a single drive transistor places the coil driver under maximum load all the time. We recommend the Tri-spark for British Triples.

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