Genuine Lucas 5 Wire Energy Transfer ET Stator 47149 | RM15


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Genuine Lucas Energy Transfer 5 wire stator 47149 (RM15). As used on 1960s Triumph and BSA models with batteryless ignition, such as T20, T120, TR6, T100, TR5 and BSA A65 & C15.

The Lucas energy transfer system is nothing more exotic than a flywheel magneto.  Provided the rotor is timed so the magnets are just leaving one pole to align with the next (point of maximum flux reversal) at exactly the instant that the points open this system works extremely well. Many problems associated with the Lucas ET version are due to poor set up of the magnetic timing. If you alter the point at which the contact breakers open, you must also ensure a corresponding alteration of the magnetic timing. The importance of correct magnetic timing was never made clear and no instruction was ever given as to how to achieve this. When set correctly this system is reliable and gives good performance.

Requires the later RM18 type,  74 mm rotor.


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