RXS100 6V Voltage Regulator



We also offer a simple “plug – in” 12V conversion for the RXS100, with no need to modify or cut wires in the generator

6 volt AC regulator, replaces Yamaha P/Ns 3M5-81910-10 & 443-81910-62-00.

Fits in place of standard item, case must have a very good earth.

Suitable replacement on these models:

RXS100 -All

DT1 MX 1971

DT100 J & K 1982-83

DT125 E, F, G, H, 1978-81

DT175 C 1976. DT175 E, F, G, H, 1978-81

DT250 B, C, D, E, F 1975-79

DT400 B, C, D, E 1975-78

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