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Replacement stator for CB750, CB900  & CB1000, see below for list of years/models this item fits.

We are able to rewind rotors which is the part that fails most often.

Our technicians can offer expert advice on this type of alternator if yours has stopped working.

Interchangeable with the following OEM numbers:

  • 31120-425-851
  • 31120-425-871
  • 31120-461-415
  • 31120-MG1-000
  • 31120-MG5-005


Model Year Engine
CB1000C Custom 1983 HONDA 998cc
CB1100F Super Sport 1983 HONDA 1062cc
CB750C Custom 1980 HONDA 748cc
CB750C Custom 1981 HONDA 748cc
CB750C Custom 1982 HONDA 748cc
CB750F 1979 HONDA 748cc
CB750F 1980 HONDA 748cc
CB750F 1981 HONDA 748cc
CB750F 1982 HONDA 748cc
CB750F Super Sport 1979 HONDA 748cc
CB750F Super Sport 1980 HONDA 748cc
CB750F Super Sport 1981 HONDA 748cc
CB750F Super Sport 1982 HONDA 748cc
CB750K 1979 HONDA 748cc
CB750K 1980 HONDA 748cc
CB750K 1981 HONDA 748cc
CB750K 1982 HONDA 748cc
CB750L LTD. 1979 HONDA 748cc
CB750SC Nighthawk 1982 HONDA 748cc
CB750SC Nighthawk 1983 HONDA 748cc
CB900F Super Sport (USA) 1981 HONDA 901cc
CB900F Super Sport (USA) 1982 HONDA 901cc

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